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Motorola Keylink Accessory Finally Back In Stock After 3 Month Absence

After more than a 3 month hiatus, the Motorola Keylink is once again available for purchase at for $25. The small triangular device connects to any Android smartphone via Bluetooth and can help owners locate missing keys with their phone, or their phone with the Keylink.

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I picked one up as a stocking stuffer for my wife, Lorette, last Christmas and it has been one of her favorite gifts.

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Motorola's Keylink Accessory Is Gone From The Online Store, But It Will Be Back In A Few Weeks

Yesterday ComputerWorld writer JR Raphael found that the Motorola Keylink, the Bluetooth phone/key finder accessory that was released a couple of months ago, had suddenly vanished from Motorola's online store. This caused a certain amount of confusion and speculation that Motorola had discontinued the gadget, even so quickly after its launch. We reached out to our press contact at Motorola for some clarification.


No worries, absent-minded Motorola phone owners.

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Motorola Keylink Is Official—$24.99 To Never Lose Your Keys Again (Unless You Also Lose Your Phone)

We've seen the Keylink pop up a few times at retail and in various rumors. Now it's finally official at $24.99. This Bluetooth dongle goes on your keychain and tethers to your phone so the Moto Connect app can keep tabs on your keys and vice versa.


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Motorola's Keylink Bluetooth Accessory Pops Up At A T-Mobile Retailer For $24.99

Last week's update to the Motorola Connect support app showed off the "Keylink," an accessory we hadn't seen before. Based on the shots of the app, it looked like a simple Bluetooth gadget that lived on your keyring and made it easy to find your keys from your phone, or vice versa. Now it looks like Motorola has officially launched the Keylink: one of our readers spotted at least one T-Mobile retail store selling it for $24.99.

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Motorola Connect Update Adds Custom Watch Faces, Moto Body, And Support For A New 'Keylink' Accessory

Motorola started selling a few new color and band versions of the Moto 360 smartwatch this week, with more to come. At the same time a company representative promised new watch faces for existing users via a forthcoming update to the Motorola Connect app. That update seems to be here: version 2.02.21. In addition to faces added from the Motorola design competition back in June, the new app allows you to pick and choose colors and design elements for the default Motorola faces.

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