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Fleksy Keyboard Updated To v6.0, Goes Free With Optional In-App Purchases

Google's default keyboard has gotten really good, to the point that it's hard to actually charge for a keyboard app even if it has a few tricks up its sleeve. Just like SwiftKey last year, Fleksy has now gone free in the Play Store (and Amazon Appstore). Instead of paying an upfront price, there are themes and extensions that you can purchase if you so choose.


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BlackBerry Rumored To Release Android-Powered Phone This Fall With A Slide-Out Keyboard

BlackBerry once dominated smartphone sales in the days before regular people had any interest in them. Then the iPhone happened, and then Android, and then BlackBerry (previously RIM) got stubborn and refused to admit the world was changing. With just a sliver of market share left, the company is now rumored to be developing an Android phone with a slide-out keyboard for release this fall.


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SwiftKey Updated To v5.3 With A New Default Theme, Redesigned SwiftKey Hub, And More

After going to a freemium model almost a year ago, SwiftKey has been layering on new features like there's no tomorrow. In today's update (previously in beta, so it might sound familiar to some of you) there's a new theme, refinements of various features, and even some new languages. This version is already rolling out, but if you don't see it yet, we've got the APK below.


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Sunrise Calendar Updated To v4.0 With 'Meet' Quick-Scheduling Keyboard

Making a new meeting usually requires going into your calendar app in some capacity, but the new version of Sunrise offers an alternative. You can simply switch to the Sunrise Meet "keyboard" to set things up. They call it a keyboard, but all it really has in common with other keyboards is that it's in the keyboard area of your screen.


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SwiftKey Update Brings More Performance Improvements And Bug Fixes

The last few SwiftKey updates have been focused on making the keyboard faster and more responsive, which has been sorely needed for some time. Whether or not that has been successful depends on who you ask, but the developers have now rolled out another update that is supposed to offer additional performance boosts. Maybe this one will do the trick.


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Swiftkey Updated With Badly Needed Performance Improvements, New Themes, And Sales

Swiftkey was recently updated with a theme store and a free price tag, but there were still some nagging concerns. While Swiftkey offers good autocorrect, emoji, and swipe input, it also lags pretty noticeably in some instances. The new update will (allegedly) fix that.


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Google Keyboard 3.1 From Android L Developer Preview Ported To All 4.0+ Devices [APK Download]

The new Google keyboard in Android L brings the Material Design aesthetic to text input, but the APK pulled from L doesn't work quite right on other Android builds. It actually breaks the keyboard for most devices. No worries, though. An XDA user has tweaked it to work correctly on (probably) all Android 4.0 and higher devices. There is one method that requires root (it's actually a ZIP file) and one that might not work on all devices that's an APK.

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Fleksy Keyboard Updated To v2.0 With New Themes, Cloud Personalization, And Badges

When it comes to invisible keyboards, Fleksy doesn't have a lot of competition. Or none, actually. This keyboard uses aggressive autocorrect and prediction to make words out of the nonsense you enter, and today it's hitting v2.0 with some new features.


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New SwiftKey Beta v4.5 Adds Emoji And Optional Number Row

How often do you find that words simply cannot convey what you need to say? Probably all the time, right? Just send an emoji instead with the new SwiftKey beta. As promised, this early version is available for download and includes over 500 emoji images. On the more conventional side, there is also an optional number row, finally.


The emoji are spread across various categories like nature, people, and symbols.

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Fleksy Invisible Keyboard Leaves Beta, Available To All Interested Parties In Play Store

If you've ever looked at your Android keyboard and thought, "Man, that thing is just too opaque," then this is a big day for you. Fleksy keyboard has left beta and is available for download in Google Play. This alternative input method uses aggressive autocorrect and gestures to do away with much of the keyboard UI – even making it completely transparent.

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Fleksy seems to be one of those things that either works for you or doesn't – Not a lot of middle ground.

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