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Samsung Internet browser will get 'Smart Go Next' for better form navigation, also coming to Chrome

If you have an Android phone made by Samsung, there's a good chance you use the company's own web browser. Unlike many bundled browsers, Samsung Internet is built using the Chromium open source project, so it's pretty close in functionality to Google's Chrome, but better integrated with Samsung's wider ecosystem of apps. The developers of Samsung's browser are pretty quick to add new features, and the latest of these is a feature to help when filling out a form.

'Smart Go Next' is a relatively simple change, but one that could be very useful and save a lot of frustration.

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SwiftKey Keyboard updated with new default themes and redesigned hub

SwiftKey is undoubtedly one of the most popular third-party keyboard apps in the Play Store, even after it was acquired by Microsoft. SwiftKey is apparently using all that sweet, sweet Microsoft money to make some changes to the app. Starting today, a new version is rolling out with three new default themes and a redesigned hub.

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Fleksy keyboard is back with a new owner and dev team

The Fleksy keyboard app had a dedicated group of users who were dismayed when the developers seemed to vanish last year. At the time, Fleksy announced that its development team was acquired by Pinterest, but the fate of the actual keyboard app was uncertain. Now, Fleksy is back under a new parent company called Thingthing, and there's an updated version in the Play Store for the first time since April 2016.

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SwiftKey adds keypress sounds in latest update

You can customize numerous aspects of SwiftKey Keyboard, but keypress sounds have not thus far been one of them. As of now, they are. The latest update to SwiftKey includes the option to set one of four keypress sound profiles. There's Traditional, Android, Modern, and Blip.

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Swype Keyboard updated to v3.0.1 with emoji prediction, optional number row, and more

Swipe input is great on smartphones, and Swype Keyboard is the one that started it all. You may not remember, but there was a kerfuffle years back when Swype refused to make its app available for download generally. Instead it pursued OEM deals before finally releasing a version on the Play Store in 2013. It hasn't been updated as rapidly as rival SwiftKey or the Google Keyboard (now Gboard), but it's getting a sizable update today.

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Gboard (formerly Google Keyboard) hits 500 million installs in the Play Store

There are many, many keyboard apps in the Play Store, but Google Keyboard has long been my go-to option. With the Gboard re-branding, Google added a few long-awaited features like multiple active languages and integrated search. That was enough to push it over the 500 million download threshold, joining apps like Photos, Dropbox, and Super-Bright LED Flashlight.

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SwiftKey Beta updated with text expansion shortcuts, incognito mode, and all arrows on tablet layout

A big update is rolling out to the SwiftKey Beta channel today. How big? I'm worried Artem might actually explode from the overwhelming joy. SwitfKey Beta now supports incognito mode, so it won't remember you typing private things. There's also support for text expansion, which can save you a whole lot of keystrokes. And that's not all!

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Google releases Daydream Keyboard in the Play Store for VR typing

You needn't wonder any longer how Google is planning to do text input in Daydream VR mode. There's a new Daydream Keyboard app in the Play Store with some very informative screenshots. You can't use it yet, though.

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SwiftKey adds neural network predictions to the stable version of its keyboard

SwiftKey released an early experimental version of its neural network-powered keyboard as a standalone alpha app late last year. At the time, we were pretty impressed with the quality of the predictions. Now, the company (which has since been acquired by Microsoft) has updated the main app with new neural network features.

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[Update: Possible connection to suggestion bug] [Not very swift] SwiftKey sync has been down for the last 3 days, but it's being worked on

Noticing something is amiss with SwiftKey lately? You are not alone. The keyboard's sync service has been broken for the last three days, and there's no sign of a resolution yet. SwiftKey is aware of the problem, though.

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