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Franco.Kernel Updater v2.1 is rolling out with night mode, app shortcuts, quick settings tiles, and more

Android users who demand maximum control over their devices are most likely running franco.Kernel. The franco.Kernel Updater app lets you put all that power to use, and the latest update adds a ton of new features for devices running this kernel. There are display profiles, a "night shift" mode, and a few goodies for anyone running Nougat.

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Top Android Apps Every Rooted User Should Know About, Part 8: Apps 58-65

There are plenty of apps in Google Play these days, but a relatively small proportion are designed to unlock the power of a rooted device. Since it can be easy for these powerful apps to get obscured by the crush of retro, free-to-play, side-scrolling platformer games, we like to aggregate the best root-only apps on occasion. Whether you want to free up some screen real estate, change icons around, or manage your backups, the apps you need are right here.


Workaround To Bypass The Locked Bootloader On The Verizon Galaxy S III Allows Custom Kernels

Last night Samsung released the kernel source code for the Verizon Galaxy S III. While it's good that Samsung is making good on timely source releases, this particular bit of code didn't do a whole lot of good in way of GSIII development because of the VZW GSIII's locked bootloader. Fortunately, Team Epic has changed this with a new workaround called kexec hardboot (kernel execution hard boot) that should allow users to effectively "sideload" custom kernels without having to actually flash them on the device by bundling the kernel with the custom recovery.

To demonstrate that the workaround does indeed allow the VZW GSIII to use custom kernels, they also developed a proof-of-concept kernel built from source.

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