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Motorola Releases Open Source Kernel For The Third Generation Moto G

Ever since its introduction the Moto G series has been a leader in the mid-range market, arguably outshining the flagship Moto X thanks to its excellent value and featureset. The third version was released just a few hours after Motorola announced it on stage late last month, and as is the company's wont, it's running the latest public release of Android (5.1.1) at launch. Now the open source kernel for the Moto G 2015 is available, just like its predecessors.

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Motorola Posts The Android 5.1.1 Open Source Kernel For The 2015 Version Of The Moto E

Motorola is slowly making its way through its current product line, updating all its phones to the latest version of Android. (My poor, neglected DROID MAXX from 2013 is still waiting, Moto.) That means releasing the open source kernel files for said phones and each update as well. The latest device to get the treatment is the 2015 version of Motorola's low-cost wonder, the Moto E. The phone itself was updated with an OTA package back in May.

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HTC Posts The Kernel Source Code For The Unlocked Version Of The One M9

HTC is making its way through the various flavors of its flagship One M9 and updating them to Android 5.1. You know what comes next: open-source kernel files. The company posted 5.0 kernels for all the variants back in April, but now the first 5.1 kernel is available for the generic international unlocked versions of the One M9. You can download it at the HTC developer center.


At the moment the international model is the first and only M9 to get a Lollipop 5.1 kernel so far - only the One M7 and M8 Google Play Editions (farewell, GPE) have been given the same treatment.

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Motorola Publishes Android 5.1 Kernel Source For The 2014 Moto X

Motorola published its first kernel based on Android 5.1 earlier this month. That was for the 1st generation Moto G LTE. Now it has published the bits for the 2014 Moto X, codenamed Victara.


The files are available over on Moto's GitHub page. There isn't much reason for general users to download them, but developers can use the code to produce custom ROMs or test out apps.

You can get the goods at the link below.

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HTC Posts Lollipop Kernel Source For HTC One M8 Developer, Unlocked Editions

Just a couple weeks ago, HTC sent the Sense 6 Lollipop update to owners of the unlocked and developer editions of the One M8. Now, the kernel source for those devices has been posted to the HTCDev website. Remember, this is not the same as the Lollipop kernel source published well over a month ago for Google Play Edition devices; this is for phones running Sense.


For most users, there's nothing to see here.

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HTC Has Posted Lollipop (Android 5.0.1) Kernel Source for One M7 And M8 Google Play Editions

On the heels of their release of the Android 5.0.1 Lollipop OTA update to the HTC One M7 and M8 Google Play Editions, HTC has quickly made the kernel source for both devices available at the HTCdev website. Most users don't need to worry about this either way, but developers and fans of custom ROMs should be happy to see these available so soon.


While HTC is required to release the kernel source since it has adapted from the open source Android code, this is kind of like returning a library book a few days early; it's just nicer to do it sooner rather than later.

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Chainfire Explains His Root Method For The Latest Lollipop Developer Preview, Modified Kernels May Become A Requirement

The final round of Developer Preview images released on Friday left a number of users without root access on their devices, but a lightning fast quick-fix by Chainfire had them back in business the following day. Yesterday, he took to Google+ with a follow-up of how it works and the issues that are making it more difficult to acquire root on the latest version of Android.

Due to increasingly effective security measures and stricter enforcement of SELinux, it seems that many, or possibly all of the available methods for initializing the SuperSU daemon at startup have been rendered ineffective.

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Chainfire Issues A Quick Root Fix For The Latest Lollipop Preview Builds On The Nexus 5 And Nexus 7

Technically the Developer Preview builds of Android L that Google issued are meant only for, well, developers. But of course a ton of regular users have downloaded them to try out Lollipop, and those users tend to be the same ones that like to use root apps. The updated Android 5.0 preview builds for the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 2013 issued yesterday broke the existing root functions, so SuperSU developer Chainfire issued a quick fix.

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Sony Adds Binaries For The Xperia Z1 And Z2 With A Unified Kernel To The AOSP For Xperia Project

Sony's relationship with "pure" Android is an interesting one. As a company they generally make it easy to root or otherwise modify their phones or tablets, with a few notable qualifiers. The AOSP for Xperia project, which provides the basic tools for building standard Android ROMs on popular devices, is also one way that Sony stays relevant for those who buy phones with the intent to add aftermarket software. Today it gets two new flagship options, the older Xperia Z1 and Z2.

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Cyanogen Inc. Releases Kernel Source Code For The OnePlus One As Invitations Are Finally Sent Out

The hype machine for the OnePlus One continues to accelerate, and since part of its charm is that it runs a customized version of CyanogenMod, it's only natural that the creators are quick to release the necessary source code. While the device and build repositories for the phone's unique "11S" ROM aren't available yet, you can download the kernel source code here. Talented ROM developers should now be able to build a standard AOSP or CyanogenMod release.

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