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Opinion: Google should fix its erratic reminder system

The ability to quickly set a reminder on your phone is one many of us take for granted these days. Smartphones have seemingly always had this basic PDA functionality. Type ‘add reminder’ into the Google search box and you’ll be able to quickly set up a notification to jog your memory about something later on. You can even use the ‘OK Google’ voice command: “remind me to pick up the groceries at 6pm,” for example. Easy-peasy.

For most people, this function is used occasionally for something really important they simply mustn't forget. And for those people, it probably works just fine.

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Google Assistant's new shopping list is live, here's how it works

When Google Assistant was first introduced, you could ask it to add items to your personal shopping list. This would create a note called 'Google Assistant shopping list' in Google Keep, and you could easily manage your list from the Keep app (or web app). It makes sense that your shopping list would be in the same app as your notes, right?

Apparently not to Google, because two days ago, a support article was updated to say the shopping list is moving out of Keep. Why? Because the new list ties into Google Express, so you can order what you need in fewer steps.

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Google integrates Keep with Docs for easy access to your notes

The next time you're tapping away in Google Docs and you need to look up a note from Keep, it'll be much easier. Google has announced full integration of Keep with Docs. Just open the Keep panel and you've got the entire app right there inside Docs.

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Google Keep v3.4 adds 'Grab image text' to Drawing mode and prepares some new tools for crafting better images [APK Teardown + Download]

There's a new version of Google Keep rolling out to Android devices, but it's not going to look very different unless you are looking in exactly the right spot. The screen for drawing notes is now equipped with the "Grab image text" function. Shifting gears slightly, a teardown also reveals some new drawing functions are going to be added to the same screen in a future update. As usual, there's a link at the bottom where you can download the latest version.

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[Update: App shortcuts too] New Google Keep update adds note pinning [APK Download]

Google Keep has become a nice little note taking app. While it lacks some of the features of more mature tools like Evernote, Keep is infinitely easier to use. Now, it's getting a feature it should have had a long time ago—pinned notes.

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Google Keep v3.3.243 puts a pin in note pinning [APK Teardown]

Last week brought a rush of new app updates from both the Play Store and the Android N developer preview. There were surprisingly few new features to discuss, and not much for teardowns; but the Google Keep app does have at least one notable addition in store for us. It looks like Keep is going to give users the ability to pin important notes so they remain readily available and won't get lost as new items are added.


Disclaimer: Teardowns are based on evidence found inside of apks (Android's application package) and are necessarily speculative and usually based on incomplete information.
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Google Keep Gets A Revamped View On The Web, Plus Auto-Completing Lists, Link Previews, And Duplicate Detection

Google's Keep had humble and simple beginnings, but it's become one of my go-to tools for organizing my life (such as it is). Today the web and desktop extension version of the service gets a revamp, with a new interface that takes more than a few hints from the Inbox layout. There's a brand new left pane to the UI that includes quick links to Notes, Reminders, user-set labels, the archive, and trashed items. It's dynamic, too: resize the window and it will hide in a pop-out dock, mobile app style.

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Google Keep Now Shares Links As New Notes, Creates Labels Using Hashtags, Gains An Official Chrome Extension, And More [APK Download]

Keep may not be the simplest form of digital note-taking, but it's pretty close. Today Google has announced a few additions that make the service quicker to access.

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[Update: APK Download] Google Is Adding Centralized List And Reminder Settings To Keep For Web And Android

If you load the Google Keep web interface this morning, you'll probably get a helpful blue update box at the top. This box informs you of a new feature in Keep for web and Android—centralized settings. Yes, this is something Keep did not have before, and technically the app still doesn't. We expect an update soon, but it's live online already.


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Keep v3.2.501 Adds Shortcuts To The Drawing Mode Editor For Quick Sharing And Deleting [APK Download]

Google added Drawing Mode to Keep at the end of October and the couple of updates since then seem to focus on fixing bugs. The recent 501 update did make a small but useful addition: there is now an overflow menu in Drawing Mode with links to Delete and Send (i.e. share) your doodles to other apps.

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