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OnePlus Mumbai music festival will be headlined by... Katy Perry

Here's a thing that's really happening: OnePlus, purveyor of fine mobile devices (and soon, televisions), is putting on a music festival in Mumbai, India this November. Katy Perry is headlining. You read all of that right.

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Katy Perry uses Google Duo to video chat with Prince Piggy and Lord Markus in her new eccentric music video

I'm not into music videos so I have no idea whether all of Katy Perry's videos are as weird as this one or if this is the exception. And I'm not about to go watch a bunch of her videos to find out either. But truth be told, part of me liked "Hey Hey Hey" both for the lyrics and the video's setup. It reminded me of when I was touringthe Palace of Versailles and the guide explained how people used to gather around to watch the king wake up and how he had to make a show out of it even if he technically slept in another room.

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