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HTC may resort to licensing its brand name in India

Things have not been going well for HTC as it continues to hemorrhage money quarter after quarter. Its decision to sell off its Pixel division to Google didn't do anything to staunch the bleeding; it's just more blood to run through the sieve. Now, HTC is considering a bold strategy, according to a new report. The smartphone maker may simply license its name to other smartphone manufacturers.

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Lollipop Upgrades Coming To Android One Phones In India 'In The Next Few Weeks,' According To Google

Indian readers, if you picked up a budget-friendly Android One device when the new line launched last year, you're probably wondering where your [email protected]#$ing Lollipop upgrade is. After all, Google promised speedy upgrades when they launched the phones with help of local manufacturers Spice, Karbonn, and Micromax. According to this Google+ message, those phones will be upgraded to Lollipop "in the next few weeks." Unfortunately Google's Indian branch wasn't any more specific than that.


It's safe to assume that the update they're talking about will be the same one coming to Android One phones in Indonesia: Lollipop 5.1. The 5.1 update, which presumably includes fixes for performance and usability issues that stemmed from the initial 5.0 rollout, has already been confirmed for the Indonesian launch of Android One and various Nexus devices.

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Android 4.4.4 Kernel Source Code For The Spice, Micromax, And Karbonn Android One Phones Available Now

Getting the kernel source code for devices is something of a rite of passage for new Android phones. In the United States and other parts of the world with heavy smartphone penetration, the focus is on the big, flashy flagship models - the sooner the kernels are published, the sooner those ROM makers can get cracking on custom ROMs and kernels. But considering the immediate response that Google's Android One program has received, I think those phones may turn out to be some of the most popular ROM recipients around.


Google published the kernel source code for the first Android One phones late tonight or early this morning, depending on your global perspective.

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Google Officially Launches Android One In India With Three Phones Starting At Rs. 6299, More Countries Coming Soon

Google hyped up Android One, its initiative to get Android-powered phones into the hands of more people in the developing world, back at Google I/O. They made good on their promises today in India, launching new phones in partnership with local hardware vendors Spice, Micromax, and Karbonn. The first three Android One phones are available today starting at Rs. 6299 ($103 USD at current currency rates) without a contract at major online Indian retailers. More countries, as well as more hardware partners, are planned for future rollouts.

The three original Android One devices are the Dream UNO Mo-498 from Spice for Rs.

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