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Kairosoft releases Legends of Heropolis, a free-to-play pixel art RPG

Kairosoft, makers of Game Dev Story (who'd have thought a game about making games would be so addicting?!) have released their newest title in the long running simulation series: Legends of Heropolis, in which the player takes on the character of a hero to rebuild a desecrated town.

Like some of the recent Kairosoft games (although unlike Game Dev Story), Legends is ad-supported, meaning it is a free download from the Play Store. However, the gameplay is mostly similar to other titles from the company, feeling a bit like Pokémon games of old with a splash of modern RPG added in.

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Kairosoft's "Free With Ads" Experiment: Beastie Bay Review

Kairosoft is a gaming company that has built a name for themselves on quality. Their simulation games have constantly topped many reviewers' "best of" list for Android titles, and personally they've enthralled me for many an hour.

It seems almost peculiar, though, that they've never delved too deeply into in-app payments or other models that are more prevalent on the Android platform. Kairosoft has stuck to their guns and delivered a full game for a set price, forgoing "pay to win" shortcuts in favour of good mechanics and pure fun.

So naturally when they released "Beastie Bay" recently, you can understand how a free, ad-supported game might ruffle some feathers.

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Kairosoft Announces Beastie Bay - It's Like Pokemon Plus A City Builder, If That Makes Sense

Kairosoft can take 16-bit graphics and a few scripts and turn them into fun over and over again without fail. This time the Japanese mobile game developer has strayed a bit from its typical approach, though, by combining its world builder-style titles with a Pokemon-esque RPG element. Yeah, it's weird.

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[New Game] Kairosoft's Cafeteria Nipponica Hits The Play Store – Micromanage Your Own Restaurant Like Never Before

Kairosoft, makers of the wildly popular Game Dev Story (and a ton of other "Story" games), released Cafeteria Nipponica to the Play Store today, bringing a familiar art style and gameplay format back once again, but this time in a restaurant.

The game poses players as "chef de cuisine" at their very own restaurant, allowing for total control over every detail from tables to TVs to menus, ingredients, salary negotiation, dish development, and much more.

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Like in Kairosoft's other games, players must recruit a top-notch crew to make their way up the restaurant ladder. Successful restaurateurs can even host special events including eating contests and cooking classes.

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[New Game] Become The King Of All Malls In Kairosoft's 'Mega Mall Story'

In the ever-expanding world of Kairosoft's Story games, another entry just made its way into the Android Market. This go around it's all about designing your own mall, complete with food court and storefronts. There are several options in place to make your mall the top-dog of them all - you can even add a helipad on top!

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Once your facility hits a certain level of popularity, a "fever" will strike the patrons and your mall will be swamped with new business. After you're well established, invest some money in surrounding areas and bring in even more business.

The game is $4.99 in the Android Market; hit the link below and start building your way to mall fame!

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Latest Game In Kairosoft's Story Series, Pocket League Story, Now Available

Kairosoft has already had you managing a race car team, a Japanese inn, and a game development studio, but their latest game, Pocket League Story, will have you training your own soccer team.

Much like the other Story games, Pocket League Story allows for total control of your team, from picking and training players, to building gyms and stadiums, and even selling merchandise. If you're already a fan of the genre, you'll probably want to pick this up in the Android Market for the usual cost of $5.18.

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[Just Released] Kairosoft Gives The Green Flag To Grand Prix Story; Rev Up Those Engines!

In a perfect addition to this lazy Hump Day, Japanese developer Kairosoft just dropped their newest entry into the Android simulation game genre, titled Grand Prix Story.


This marks the third entry into the "______ Story" series by the company, following their highly-successful Game Dev Story and the follow-up, Hot Springs Story. In Grand Prix, you take on the role of race team manager, developing and customizing cars, entering teams into races, and cultivating a stable of elite motorsport drivers.

Kairosoft's always intrigued me with their titles because I love the "behind-the-scenes" aspects of running a certain business. While Grand Prix probably won't be the most realistic racing management sim on the market, it will probably be one of the most addictive, given the company's track record.

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From The Makers Of Game Dev Story Comes Hot Springs Story: For Your Inner Digital Inn Keeper

Have you always dreamed of owning your own Japanese inn? If so, I've got the game for you! It's called Hot Springs Story, and it's the latest game from Kairosoft Co, the same group that brought us Game Dev Story.

The object of the game is simple: make your guests happy and work your way to the top. You have total control over the environment in this management simulator-style game - everything from building new guestrooms and restaurants to adding intricate details like azalea bushes and pine trees to the gardens is in your power. Invest in the local community, build arcades and baths - whatever it takes to get you into the number one spot.

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