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On The Heels Of Chase Pay Announcement, Chase Is Now Saying They Will Not Support Android Pay Until Sometime In 2016

Though no reasonable person would have suspected that Android Pay would get early support from every vendor, bank, and finance company, Chase has loomed large as among the most conspicuous absences. It doesn't help that the banking giant announced Chase Pay last month, which is like Android Pay except worse in almost every way.

After a post on Reddit claimed to have been told by a Chase rep that they were adding support for Android Pay in 2015, Chase customers began to look forward to being first-class Android Pay citizens.

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JPMorgan Chase Realizes There Are Not Nearly Enough Mobile Payments Services, Announces Creatively-Named Chase Pay

JPMorgan Chase announced a really cool idea today. Rather than use cash, check, or physical credit card, why not use a single service to substitute for all those methods from a mobile device? Knowing that consumers clearly want this and have never heard of anything like it, the banking giant announced Chase Pay, which will indeed be a mobile payments service that ties into Chase bank and credit card accounts. All kidding aside, this looks like a real dud.

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