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How to save screenshots as PNG on Samsung Galaxy phones

Samsung's custom version of Android, One UI, includes plenty of great features and changes. However, there are also some parts of One UI that are just strange — like how screenshots are saved in the compressed JPEG format, instead of the default PNG format that stock Android uses. Sure, it saves a small bit of storage space, but the images usually look terrible once they are shared.

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Adobe Photoshop Express adds stickers, blur effects, and more as app passes 100 million downloads

Adobe Photoshop Express is one of the more popular photo editors on Android. It recently passed 100 million downloads from the Play Store, leaving competitors like VSCO and Snapseed in the dust. The app has also picked up a few new tricks, including that most important of photo-editing features: stickers.

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Fix for glitchy Google Maps visuals in Android Auto rolling out now

Back in April, users reported to Google that their Android Auto head units were showing weird, glitchy visuals under some circumstances. A fix was promised for sometime in June, but the month came and went with no resolution. Google has acknowledged this, though, and says a fix is rolling out now.

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[Update: Fix coming in June] Android Auto looks 'pixelated' for some, but Google is on the case

If your Android Auto head unit looks like it's been hit by a bad case of JPEG, you aren't alone. There have been some recent reports that Android Auto-powered systems are displaying "pixelated" blocky visuals. Thankfully for those affected, Google is working to fix things. 

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Google Camera v3.2 Prepares To Support Shooting In RAW+JPEG On Nexus Devices [APK Teardown]

Google's Camera app isn't the most advanced tool for taking photos. It completely avoids manual controls and generally lags behind OEMs for most major features. Where it's lacking in advanced features, the Camera app tries to make up for with a simple interface and clever techniques to intelligently deliver better photos without putting the burden on users. This means it works pretty well for simple point-and-shoot purposes, but skilled and professional photographers aren't likely to give it a second look. A teardown of a recent Camera update shows that Google is testing an option to save both RAW and JPEG files with each picture, a popular feature on many dedicated cameras and high-end smartphones.

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