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Join app will soon have a new desktop client with clipboard sync and keyboard shortcuts

Join is the Pushbullet clone created by João Dias (also known as 'joaomgcd'), the same developer behind Tasker and many of its popular add-ons. It allows notifications from your Android device to appear on your computer, complete with the ability to respond to text messages, take screenshots, and more. Join is now testing a new desktop application, with multi-platform support and the ability to sync clipboard data.

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Pushbullet's Chrome extension approved after nebulous Chrome Web Store policy violations

We haven't heard a lot from Pushbullet lately, but it's still out there mirroring notifications and flinging data between devices. It almost had to stop, though. Google threatened to remove the Pushbullet extension from the Chrome Web Store, but it didn't explain why. As a result, the developers had to scramble to address Google's concerns... whatever those were. After a little helpful prodding, Google has accepted Pushbullet's updated extension.

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Tasker recipe lets you sync Do Not Disturb status across your devices using Join

If you're an Android enthusiast, you might have more than one device running the OS in your possession, and you might have AutoApps' Tasker and Join set up to automate a number of things across them. If so, you can now import a new Tasker recipe created by the apps' developer himself that lets you match Do Not Disturb statuses across your phones and tablets.

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[Update: New Join beta APK] Latest Tasker and Join betas include workaround to bring back clipboard syncing from Android 10 devices

Google has made the clipboard manager app an untenable proposition in Android 10 with the reclassification of a system permission vital to how it works. But João Dias is persisting: the maker of Tasker and many other automation apps has updated the beta version of his clipboard manager called Join and you'll be able to cheat your way back to making it work from your Android 10 device again.

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Join 2.0 update released by Joaomgcd, with support for IFTTT, Node-RED, new actions, and more [APK Download]

Joaomgcd (Joao Dias) is responsible for some of Android's most interesting apps, and one of those is Join. It gives you convenient remote access to the notifications, files, and clipboard on your Android device while you're using another system (and vice versa), and there are a lot of even deeper integrations besides. A major new update to version 2.0 has just been announced, making Join more useful than ever.

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Joaomgcd's Join app gets voice control powers from Chrome in the latest update

João Dias, better known online by his handle Joaomgcd, is one of the most prolific indie developers around. In addition to his work on a smorgasbord of Tasker plugins, he's also released Join, a Pushbullet alternative that allows sending commands to your phone via a Chrome extension on a nearby PC. The latest update to the extension adds voice control, so users can "push" links to Android or perform other tasks with a Star Trek-style voice command. It even uses "Computer" as the prompt - classy.

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Join updated with phone call management, device sharing, app shortcuts, and more

When Pushbullet adopted a subscription model, some casual users had trouble justifying the cost. Seeing an opportunity, joaoapps released Join. It has many of the same notification and messaging features as Pushbullet, but it only costs $5 for full access. The app has gotten a big update today to v1.0.27. Despite the inauspicious version number, there are a lot of big changes in this one.

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Big Join update makes capturing screencasts of your devices a breeze, can even automate uploads to YouTube

Join is a pretty cool app. It can do a variety of things, from sending texts to transferring files across your variety of different devices. Developer joaomgcd has added another feature to its extensive arsenal, making it easy to record an Android phone or tablet's screen from another device.

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[Update: Winners] We Have 50 Codes For Join By Joaoapps To Give Away

We're big fans of cross-device sync here at Android Police. Therefore, we're of the opinion that if you haven't yet heard of joaomgcd's latest app, you're missing out. Join is a bit like Pushbullet, in that it can do Android-to-desktop notifications, desktop SMS, and a cross-device clipboard. But it can do a lot more; for example, you can set your Android wallpaper through Chrome simply by right-clicking on an image of your choice and selecting "Set image as wallpaper."

Join has a fully-featured, ad-supported trial period of 30 days, costing $4.99 if you want to keep using it, although it's currently down to $3.99 for a limited time.

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Pushbullet Competitor 'Join' Goes Paid, Introductory Price Set At $3.99

Join, by joaomgcd of many Tasker plugins and automation apps fame, has been in beta for nearly two months now. When I tried it out at launch, it already had a lot of its functionality covered, allowing your phones and computers to share things with each other: links, SMS messages, screenshots, media files, copied text, and more. The app has been getting frequent updates since then, adding Tasker integration and making it possible to send SMS from any browser without the need for a Chrome extension. You could say that Pushbullet's little brother has grown up to actually compete against it.

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