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T-Mobile Will Open Its Samsung Galaxy Note 5 And S6 Edge+ Orders Today, Tuesday 18th, At 6AM PT

Are you itching for a new big phone from Samsung? And are you a T-Mobile customer with little patience and not enough energy to go through pre-orders and then orders to get your shiny new gadget? Then today's your lucky day.

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T-Mobile's Latest Uncarrier Promotion Is 'Mobile without Borders' - T-Mo Phones Now Work The Same In Canada And Mexico At No Extra Charge

John Legere, the mobile CEO who can't get Deutsche Telekom to love T-Mobile no matter how many new customers they sign up, is back with another jab at his competitors. T-Mobile already features some pretty extraordinary free international roaming extras, but now it's going whole hog on the two countries that Americans visit the most: Canada and Mexico. Starting next week if you cross the border to the north or south, your T-Mobile phone will work the same as it does in the States.

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T-Mobile Introduces JUMP! On Demand Leasing Plan With Three Upgrades A Year In Its First Un-carrier Amped Announcement

Today T-Mobile has announced Un-carrier Amped, which is basically this: you take an existing Un-carrier announcement, and you amp it up. Simple.

Un-carrier 2.0 will be the first to receive such amptituding. For those that don't remember, T-Mobile's second carrier-busting announcement introduced its JUMP!

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T-Mobile Reportedly Wants To Merge With Dish Network, With John Legere Serving As CEO Of Combined Company

Communication companies are hooking up around us as we speak. Mobile carrier AT&T is buying satellite provider DirecTV. Cable distributor Charter is acquiring rivals Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks. Now T-Mobile is looking to merge with Dish Network, according to The Wall Street Journal.


The two sides apparently agree on how the combined company would look. T-Mobile CEO John Legere would serve as CEO, while Dish Chief Executive Charlie Ergen would be the chairman.

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T-Mobile Launches Free Trial Program For Verizon Customers, Saying They Agree That You Should Never Settle

If nothing else, T-Mobile is America's top carrier for keeping things interesting. Responding to Verizon's recent ad campaign, which has the slogan "Never Settle," they say Verizon is right. According to T-Mobile, customers should not settle, which is why they should try out the "Uncarrier." To back up the claim, they are starting a promotional 14-day free trial period for any Verizon customer.

The "Never Settle Trial" will only be available from May 13 to May 31 and lasts for 14 days after sign-up.

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T-Mobile Uncarrier 9.0: New Simplified Business Line Pricing, Consumer Promos Are Permanent, And More

T-Mobile had its Uncarrier 9 event earlier today, and it didn't have anything to do with HTC's announcement. They just happened to be on the same day. John Legere took to the stage as usual with a bombastic attitude and sly smirk to deliver the news. The announcements mostly revolve around business accounts, but there are a few juicy bits for consumers too.

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PSA: T-Mobile Is Experiencing A Network Outage In The Northeast US

Reports are flooding in that point to a rather serious T-Mobile network outage in the northeast US. It sounds like most metro areas in that region are affected including New York, Boston, and Washington DC. The carrier is aware of the issue and is working on a fix.

2015-02-13 14_55_49-T-Mobile USA down_ Current outages and problems _ Down Detector

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T-Mobile Intros 'SCORE!', A New Way For Users To Save Dollar-Dollar Bills On A New Phone

T-Mobile likes to do stuff to make other carriers look bad, then John Legere likes to talk about how it makes the other carriers look bad. I like this. In fact, if T-Mobile's coverage wasn't so awful, I might even switch. Today, the company launched another thing to make other carriers look bad, called "SCORE!" This new program aims to help users save money on new phones, because everyone hates to pay full price.

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T-Mobile Announces 'Smartphone Equality,' Promises Best Plans And Financing To Any Customer Who Pays On-Time For 12 Months

When a cell phone carrier wants you to sign a two-year contract or tries to sell you a phone for cheap on a financing plan, there's usually an asterisk at the end of the offer. To take part, you need to have good credit, which is typically defined by a third-party bureau. Building credit takes a long time, and it's easy to ruin, leaving large numbers of Americans with less than stellar scores.

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