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Domino's suspends participation in T-Mobile Tuesdays indefinitely

Well, that didn't take long: after reports from many T-Mobile users on Twitter that they were unable to receive their free Domino's pizza on T-Mobile Tuesday because of promotional limits, Domino's has suspended its support of the program indefinitely. The decision is detailed in an internal Domino's memo that, surprisingly, T-Mobile CEO John Legere himself published in an apparent attempt to get out ahead of the news.

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T-Mobile Uncarrier 11 Is Official, Includes Free Company Stock And Weekly Giveaways Via New App

T-Mobile's Uncarrier 11 event just happened, and there were no surprises. Well, there were technically surprises, but not for anyone who pays attention to carrier rumors. The details we had previously are an exact match for what T-Mobile CEO John Legere announced. The company is handing out free stock to customers, plus you will continue getting free stuff via the new Tmo app every week.

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T-Mobile's Offbeat Chrome Extension Replaces "AT&T" With "The DeATTh Star" On All The Sites You Visit

Love it or hate it, T-Mobile's crusade against other wireless carriers, has given us a lot of chuckles, maybe some good laughs, and probably a healthy dose of groans and cringes. This last attempt, I think, falls on the innocuous side of the equation, quirky enough to be interesting for us to cover without being too distasteful or annoying.

Writing on T-Mobile's blog, John Legere compared AT&T to the Evil Empire and cited its dark methods of detaining customers and its pathological need to dominate and control and keep everything secret as the reason why its powers are akin to the Death Star.

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What's Up With AT&T, Verizon, John Legere, And Netflix Throttling? A Quick Explainer

In the past day or two, you probably heard something along the lines of: "AT&T and Verizon are "throttling" Netflix." Originally, John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile, made a claim that led to such statements. Many outlets ran with the story, but AT&T and Verizon quickly and flatly denied any claim of throttling Netflix content - and AT&T and Verizon aren't exactly likely to lie about something like that in a public statement. This seemingly put Legere in a corner: did John have bad information? Well, it turns out the situation is a little more complex than all that, and while what John Legere said was technically true, it doesn't exactly ring that way in the practical sense.

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John Legere Apparently Thinks If He Explains Binge On To You One More Time You'll Agree It's Awesome

Okay, dummy. John Legere has been explaining Binge On to you for days, and you still don't agree with him that it's the best thing since sliced bread? Well, he's just going to tell you about Binge On again using the exact same words he's been using so far. These words are available on the T-Mobile newsroom site, where he can carefully craft an expletive-free message and apologize to the EFF.

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T-Mobile Loses A Binge On Partner Over Legere's EFF Blunder

T-Mobile and its outspoken CEO John Legere are taking an uncharacteristically defensive posture after questions arose about how the new Binge On video service throttles data. The fallout from Legere's EFF interaction yesterday is still going on, and it looks like it has cost T-Mobile a Binge On partner. Video commercial streaming service has notified T-Mobile that it's pulling out of Binge On in protest of Legere's comments about the EFF.

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T-Mobile's John Legere Asked Who The EFF Is, And The Internet Is Telling Him (A Lot)

T-Mobile CEO John Legere gets away with the bombastic attitude and casual swearing largely because people like what T-Mobile has been doing. However, it looks like John might have miscalculated with Binge On. Following the video defense he posted earlier today, Legere started doing an impromptu Q&A on Twitter. He made the mistake of asking, "Who the fuck are you?" of the EFF. Now, the internet is letting him know.

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T-Mobile Will Soon Have An Arena In Las Vegas, With Exclusive Benefits For Subscribers

Big companies like to put their names on places where a lot of people go. It's a sign that they're big. It's a form of advertising that people can't turn off. Every time you go to an event, you type in the company's name followed by the words "Center" or "Arena," and there you are.

T-Mobile wanted some of that action, and now it has an arena of its own. According to USA Today, the company has reached a deal with MGM Resorts International to sponsor the new 20,000 seat arena set to open in Las Vegas in the spring.

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[Update: 20GB Cap Added To Data Stash] T-Mobile Hiked The Prices Of Its Data Plans Yesterday, Didn't Really Say Anything About It During Uncarrier Event

Hey, did you notice yesterday at any point that T-Mobile said it's raising its prices? Well, that's because they never actually said it. They even got us - with all the talk of unlimited video streaming and double data, seemingly almost nobody noticed that the Uncarrier has raised prices on most of its Simple Choice data plans, and substantially if you want unlimited.

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T-Mobile's John Legere Continues To Troll Wireless Competitors With Halloween 'Scarriers' Video

I can't decide if John Legere is trying to be a consumer's champion, or if he just really likes pissing off less bombastic executives. In between skywriting over Verizon's New Jersey head office and planning a tenth "Uncarrier" event, the outspoken CEO has just starred in yet another YouTube video designed to win potential customers and antagonize the competition. This one's titled "The Scarriers," and it's a Halloween-themed dig at some of the more outlandish stories about Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon.

Exaggerated names like "Big Red" (Verizon), "The Death Star" (a popular term for AT&T and its globular logo), and "The Big Yellow Bus" (okay, I haven't heard that one before) are interspersed with references to $2 million phone bills and letters to the CEO met with replies from lawyers.

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