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John Legend's Google Assistant cameo voice goes away March 23

Not even a year after the great John Legend lent his voice to Google Assistant, it's been made clear that his graces are indeed only temporary. Google has announced that his cameo voice will no longer be available from March 23.

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John Legend's voice comes to Google Assistant today

Google's long-delayed John Legend Assistant voice made an unexpected appearance last week, but Google insisted it was a bug. Well, that claim is a bit more suspect now that we know Mr. Legend is coming to your phone and speakers this very day. According to Google, John Legend will be available for select Assistant interactions starting today.

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[Update: It's a bug] Google Home teases John Legend voice, final release seems imminent

Google announced a lot of things at I/O last year, many of which had to do with Assistant and Google Home. One promise it hasn't yet lived up to is the ability to make your Google Home sound like singer-songwriter John Legend. It looks like that voice option is starting to roll out, but only in a very limited fashion.

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Google app v8.13 beta prepares car-specific settings, new app shortcut to Assistant, and more [APK Teardown]

Google set loose a beta update to its namesake app this weekend, but like most versions, there's not much to see after updating. The most interesting things are only visible through the lens of a teardown, although they're mostly minor notes about topics we already know about or expect to be coming. Nevertheless, we can look forward to a new app shortcut to launch Assistant, car-specific Assistant settings, a couple of name changes, and more.

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Google introduces 6 new voices for Assistant, plus John Legend is coming later this year

WaveNet technology from Alphabet research company DeepMind has been used to make the Google Assistant sound more natural since last year. It uses a deep neural network to generate more human sounding speech recordings, and because of that, the Assistant is much more pleasant to converse with. There have only been two voices to choose from until now, but Sundar Pichai has just announced at Google I/O 2018 that six more are available, as of today.

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John Legend's "A Good Night" music video was shot entirely on a Pixel 2

The video clip for John Legend's newest song, A Good Night, takes place at a nightclub and follows two individuals as they meet and eventually end up getting married. The song itself is quite catchy, but what's most interesting is the fact that the whole music video was actually shot entirely on the Pixel 2, even despite the less-than-ideal lighting conditions you'd find in a dimly lit room with strobe lights.

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