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Joaquim Vergès (of Falcon Pro fame) is leaving Twitter for Twitch

The name Joaquim Vergès might ring a bell if you've been following the drama over Twitter clients for a few years. Vergès clashed with Twitter a while back as his Falcon Pro Twitter client got increasingly popular. Then, he joined the company as a developer. Now he's leaving Twitter after just a year and a half for a job at Twitch.

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Falcon Pro Developer Joaquim Vergès Joins Twitter To Improve Its First-Party App

Right now we're hearing about off-season trades and commitments for pro sports like the NFL, NBA, and NHL. A similar phenomenon has happened in the somewhat smaller world of Twitter clients for Android. Joaquim Vergès, the well-known developer of the Falcon Pro Twitter client, has been hired by Twitter itself. According to a series of tweets posted Friday afternoon, Vergès says that he's been hired specifically to work with the "Android core UI team."

Falcon Pro has won fans for being a full-featured Android client that outshines the first-party app in basically every respect, from interface to performance, even to supporting the built-in features of the Twitter platform itself.

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