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JLab announces a pair of $29 true wireless earbuds with Bluetooth 5 and up to five hours of battery life

Yesterday, we covered the launch of Klipsch's prohibitively expensive $1000 McLaren true wireless earbuds, but not everyone in the audio industry is moving pricing in this direction. Budget audio company JLab has just introduced the low-cost $29 Go Air true wireless buds — for the price, they're pretty impressive.

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JLab Epic2 Bluetooth earbuds review: Rugged and long-lasting - just hope they fit in your ears

I've been on something of a hunt for a good set of Bluetooth earbuds lately. While my small collection of wired headphones has served me well at the gym, the airport, and on public transport, Bluetooth headphones offer a key advantage in their lack of a big, tangle-prone cable getting in the way of things. They also increasingly are more practical, as more and more smartphones seem to be phasing out the 3.5mm headphone jack (a move which I will continue to argue is dumb and bad).

The JLab Epic2 earbuds may not come from a brand you're familiar with, but these earbuds have received their fair share of critical praise in a space that is becoming increasingly crowded and competitive.

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