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Jide Technology shifting away from consumer market, Remix OS discontinued

There have been plenty of attempts to make Android a desktop operating system, with most of them not being very good. Jide Technology burst onto the scene with a Surface Pro clone running the company's own 'Remix OS' ROM in 2015, and later released a small desktop PC as well as a version of Remix OS for standard x86-based PCs.

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Remix OS 2.0 Beta Now Available For The Nexus 9, Nexus 10, And Remix Ultratablet

Jide Technology wants to give as many users the option to try out its own flavor of Android. This involved rolling out the 2.0 Beta to PC devices about a month ago with plenty of features that were missing from the alpha when we tested it a couple of months prior. But you don't have to have a PC to test Remix now as the OS has been released in beta for the Nexus 9 and Nexus 10. (Jide had previously released Remix OS 1.5 to these tablets, so this isn't the first time its software becomes available for them.)

The pages and downloads are available on Jide's website.

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[Update: Beta Has Arrived] Remix OS 2.0 Graduates To Beta March 1st With 32-Bit Support, OTA, Dual Boot, And Still No Google Services

Jide Technology is focused on making Android more desktop-like. The company first kickstarted a Microsoft Surface-like tablet, then followed it with a small puck to turn any display into an Android desktop, the Remix Mini. When Michael reviewed the latter, he found the software interesting, but the hardware lacking. The third aspect of Jide's strategy was to release its Remix OS for free for anyone to install and use. Michael also reviewed it and called it promising while still pointing out its current limitations.

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