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JetBlue Outfitting Its Entire A320 Fleet With Android-Based Infotainment Systems

JetBlue flies 130 A320 aircraft, and they all have pretty terrible built-in infotainment systems. That's going to change soon, though. The airline has announced a revamped design of its cabins that will include Android-powered touchscreens in the seat backs. They'll be Android-powered sure, but they might not be recognizable as Android.

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[Hello] Adele Called JetBlue's Developers A Thousand Times To Go Over Everything New In Version 3.0

Hello? It's me, I was wondering if everyone has heard this song already or if we'd have to go over everything. They say a good update is supposed to heal apps, but JetBlue ain't done much healing...

Well, it kinda did. Version 3.0 of the app got some important additions like check-in cancelation, seat upgrade, and info scanning, but the reason we're talking about it is the last line in JetBlue's changelog. You all know how we love an interesting changelog here at AP (example 1, 2, etc) because it shows the human side of developers and corporations, and this one caught our attention.

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JetBlue App Updated To v2 With Virtual Boarding Passes And Streamlined UI

Planning a trip? If you're going to fly JetBlue, your experience will be a little bit better thanks to the new Android app update. Version 2 is live in the Play Store and it includes a few useful changes, among them virtual boarding passes (finally).

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The UI update isn't a dramatic shift, but it cleans up a few bits of design around the booking and flight tracking interfaces. The headlining update is obviously the virtual boarding passes. You won't need to worry about printing out paper passes – just pull up the barcode on your phone. Although, if your phone goes missing you're going to be in a completely new world of pain.

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