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Humble Mobile Bundle Eye Candy Offers Deep Under The Sky, Botanicula, Dark Echo, Fearless Fantasy, And Other Pretty Games

For people looking to gorge themselves on ad-free mobile gaming, offerings don't get much better than those we get from Humble Bundle. Every couple of weeks the organization hands out at least six games that you can tote around in your phone or tablet. All you have to do is pick a price that's over a dollar to walk away with at least three games. Beating the average will get you three more, with others set to appear one week from now.

The Humble Mobile Bundle Eye Candy, as this week's collection is called, offers a set of visually pleasing titles. This bundle includes Deep Under the Sky, Botanicula, and Haunt the House: Terrortown for those who pay over a dollar but less than the average.

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Game Fire Sale Bonanza Extravaganza: Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies, Need For Speed, Zombie Driver THD And More All Marked Down

Hide your wallets, folks. Every dang game on the Play Store, it seems, is on sale today. Whether you're looking for a FPS, racing games, or something with the word Zombie in the title, there are plenty of options for you. For example, Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies which manages two out of three of those qualifies at once! Normally, $6.99, this one's been dropped to $2.99. This sale will be going on through January 3rd.

blackopszombies1 blackopszombies2 blackopszombies3

The app was not found in the store. :-(

Alright, okay, let's take a break from shooting zombies, shall we?

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Jelly Defense Updated, Brings Christmas Levels, An 'Endless' Level, And Performance Improvements

Remember the colorful and imaginative tower defense game Jelly Defense that we took a look at several weeks ago? It just received a mighty nice update that brings some new winter-based levels, new gameplay options, new music, gameplay improvements, and performance enhancements. In other words, the developers packed quite a bit of punch into this one. Here's the full changelog:

  1. Two winter levels for Christmas evenings.
  2. Challenging endless level.
  3. New and cozy Christmas tune.
  4. Increasing the difficulty after finishing the game isn't mandatory anymore. You can now go back to previous levels.
  5. Minor performance improvements.
  6. Minor gameplay adjustments.
  7. Reindeers & cookies!
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[New Game Review] Jelly Defense Adds A Whimsical Twist To Tower Defense

Tower Defense is probably one of the most populated genres in mobile gaming, or at least it seems that way. There are tons of games in this style to choose from, so it's rare to see something that changes things. Jelly Defense from Infinite Dreams attempts just that, putting a whimsical, almost cute touch on the genre of tower defense.

The game starts off with a brief intro story about the peaceful nation of jelly inhabitants in which the game takes place. Suddenly alien invaders arrive, and the player is given the charge of defending the jelly people's crystals. Right off the bat, the visual style and animation made me think of the popular Katamari series, especially when a colorful, blocky spaceship (ostensibly powered by rowing oars) zoomed into frame.

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[Preview] Beautiful Jelly Defense From Infinite Dreams Coming To Android September 29th

Infinite Dreams, the creators of such hits as Sky Force and Shoot The Birds, are famous for high quality and absolutely stunning graphics in their games. Their upcoming title, Jelly Defense, is no exception. Today, we have a sneak peak at the first official trailer of this newcomer to the Tower Defense genre with a few new twists (or should I say "twisters"?).

The game, featuring 20+ missions, 8 unique power-ups, and 10 tower types, will be available in the Android Market September 29th. And now, dive into the trailer to see all the gorgeous eye-candy that's coming your way (fast forward to about 1:50 for actual gameplay):

JD_scr_960x640_03_frame_logo JD_scr_960x640_09_frame_logo JD_scr_960x640_05_frame_logo

Gliwice, Poland – Infinite Dreams, award-winning mobile games publisher has released an official game trailer for Jelly Defense, an upcoming tower-defense game for iOS, Mac OS and Android devices.

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