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Tip: Google Assistant Smart Displays have accessibility settings for color inversion, captions, TalkBack, and more

Whether your already bought the Lenovo Smart Display or JBL Link View, or you're thinking about getting Google's rumored Home Hub, you may be wondering whether that gadget — like many others in your life — offers any accessibility settings for people with disabilities. The answer is yes.

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[Deal Alert] Grab a JBL Link View smart display for $200 ($50 off)

Assistant smart displays are a fairly new product, but we're already starting to see discounts on some. JBL is knocking $50 off its offering, the Link View, meaning that you only need to fork over $199.95 to get your own smart display.

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JBL Link View review: Great sound from JBL, but Smart Displays still have a long way to go

Smart displays aren't for everyone. They're not exactly tablets, but they look like ones and are both less and more useful, depending on how you look at them. With far superior sound and always listening mics, they act as a smart speaker for your home; but without real apps or a fully functional browser, you hit some roadblocks while using them and wish they could do just a little bit more.

Over the past few months, every time I've read someone compare Smart Displays to crippled tablets, I've had the same reply: I want one because it would work for me.

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Tip: Hide personal results from your Smart Display if you don't want to spoil surprises or share your content recommendations

Having a Google Assistant Smart Display, such as the LenovoJBL Link View, or LG ThinQ WK9, is very convenient around the house. But if you don't pay attention, you may end up with unwanted privacy concerns because of the mere fact that these displays don't differentiate between people looking at them. They know voices and will only respond to you, but they don't know faces. If there's a personal card on the homescreen, anyone can read it or tap it to see more. Which is how you may end up revealing your surprise party plans to your spouse and your full calendar to boot.

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Tip: You can video call your Smart Display at home from your phone (with both on the same Duo account)

If you have one of the fancy new Assistant Smart Displays, be it the already available Lenovo or the soon-to-be-released JBL Link View, odds are you're going to set up Duo on it and use it for video calls. One neat feature that you may not be aware of, though, is that you can video call your display from your phone, with both set up to use the same Duo account.

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JBL opens pre-orders for $250 Link View smart display with Google Assistant, landing in September

Announced at I/O in May, Assistant smart displays offer you visual feedback from Google's very helpful virtual companion. When this new product type was announced, we heard that Lenovo, LG, and JBL would be the first partners up. The former has already launched both variants of its take, and now JBL is opening up pre-orders for the $250 Link View.

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JBL Link View is the second Google Assistant smart display with 2 x 10W speakers

After months of speculations on Cody's part, the Assistant devices known under the "Quartz" codename were announced yesterday as smart displays and Lenovo unveiled the first one of the range. Google said that other companies were on board too, like LG and Sony, but another one is now also known: it's the JBL Link View.

JBL already has a few Google Assistant speakers in the Link portfolio, and the View is joining them with not only 2 x 10 W speakers and a passive radiator, but also an 8" touchscreen display that can show all the Assistant interactions like weather, calendar, cooking and recipes, as well as stream YouTube videos and make Duo video calls (there's a 5MP cam on the front).

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