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Jaybird X3 Sport wireless earbuds are just $60 as part of Best Buy's early Black Friday sales

Black Friday seems to have become a season, as we're seeing more and more "Black Friday" deals in effect well in advance of the day. A lot of them are pretty good, though. For example, right now, Best Buy has the Jaybird X3 Sport wireless earbuds for $59.99, less than half what they originally cost.

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[Deal Alert] Grab a pair of the Jaybird X3 Bluetooth earphones for $80 ($50 off)

With Christmas right around the corner, it's no secret that a lot of people will be hitting the gym in an attempt to make 2018 the year that they get back in shape (and more power to them). When working out, take it from me when I say that having a good pair of earphones or headphones will go a long way toward helping you reach your goal. Luckily, both Amazon and Best Buy are running a sale on Jaybird's X3 wireless earbuds. At $79.99, this is a good deal.

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[Update: Winners] Giveaway: Anyone in the world has a chance to win a pair of Jaybird X3 Bluetooth headphones [International]

International giveaways are popular here at Android Police, and today we've got an excellent one. We're teaming up with Jaybird to give away five of the company's X3 Bluetooth headphones. They're rugged, wireless, and sweatproof so they can handle whatever you toss at them. And five lucky readers, wherever they might be, will be able to grab a set for free. 

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Jaybird X3 review: An improvement, but not a huge one

Wireless headphones are more important than ever as phones start (inadvisably) ditching the venerable 3.5mm headphone jack. Jaybird has been on the scene for a few years, making some of the most highly regarded wireless earbuds you can get. The Jaybird X2 are particularly popular, and have been coming down in price a lot. Earlier this year the company launched the Freedom earbuds, which didn't get such high praise.

What everyone wanted was a successor to the X2, and now we have that with the Jaybird X3. The design has been refined, it's got some cool new software features, the sound is nicer, and the launch price is more competitive.

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[Deal Alert] Get a pair of Jaybird Freedoms or X3s for $100 ($80/$30 off)

The New Year is coming and I know that a lot of people are going to be renewing their goals to get fitter this year. Why not help yourself along with not only your favorite music, but some earbuds that make those tunes sound great? Well, Jaybird is offering both the Freedoms and the newly released X3s for $99.99.

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[Deal Alert] JayBird X3 wireless in-ear headphones are $100 ($30 off) at Best Buy

By now, no one should really be surprised at all the sales coming in to our emails and mailboxes. Interestingly, headphones seem to be a bit popular this time around. Seeing as a lot of people will be or are traveling, that makes sense. In today's deal, we have the recently announced JayBird X3 wireless in-ear headphones for $99.99 at Best Buy, a savings of $30.

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Jaybird Reveals Freedom And X3 Bluetooth Headphones At CES, Available Later In 2016

We've had Bluetooth technology for the better part of two decades now, so it's surprising that it's still so hard to find a decent pair of headphones that use it. One of the more consistently good brands for wireless headphones, at least of the sporty variety, has been Jaybird. The company's using CES to show off the newest entries in its product lineup, and by "newest," I mean it will be three to six months at the earliest before you see either of them. Meet the Jaybird Freedom, an ostensibly new design (despite the fact that the company has used the "Freedom" name on models before), and the Jaybird X3, the latest revision of the popular original and the more recent X2.

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