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Jaybird's RUN wireless earbuds can be your new workout companion for only $56

If your local gym has temporarily closed down, you might have to modify your fitness routine for home or outdoor workouts. If so, you may be interested in a deal that can help you grab a pair of comfortable Bluetooth earbuds with an unbeatable fit. Today, Amazon is offering a steep discount that brings Jaybird's fitness-focused RUN earbuds down to $56, which represents ~$40 in savings when compared to recent pricing. an unbeatable fit that should keep them in place

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Jaybird Run true wireless earbuds drop to $120 ($60 off)

No one wants wires on their Bluetooth earbuds anymore, but that adds substantially to the cost. Don't fret, though. The Jaybird Run earbuds are on sale today, and they offer some great features for just $119.99.

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4 of our favorite tech sales, discounts, and deals this week: Jaybird earbuds, Sphero Spider-Man, Nest hardware, and more

The full force of summer has landed and it is hot out — maybe too hot. Too hot to play, too hot to think, and certainly too hot for paying full price on your favorite tech hardware and accessories. This past week we've seen some tempting deals cross our path, and while a few have already come and gone, we're taking the opportunity this weekend to remind you about some of our favorite offers that just happen to still be available.

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[Deal Alert] Jaybird RUN wireless earbuds down to $134.99 ($45 off) on Amazon

There's no shortage of truly wireless earbuds on the market these days, with entrants from Apple, Bose, Bragi, Samsung, and more all having their own strengths and weaknesses. Jaybird's RUN is a pretty good option, with a connectivity issue being fixed shortly after launch. One of our main complaints was pricing, but this $45 drop to $134.99 on Amazon addresses that problem.

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Most Wanted: The best earbuds, headphones, and speakers you can buy

Music is near ubiquitous nowadays and it makes everything a little more fun. Whether you're commuting to work or school, taking a flight, grocery shopping, running and exercising, doing chores around the house or your homework, working on projects, or just sitting around and doing nothing, it always has a way of speeding time up or slowing it down, getting you pumped or relaxing you.

And with the holidays nearly upon us, you may be looking for the perfect gift to get yourself or that music addict in your life. To help you, we have compiled a list of the latest and best gadgets you can buy this year.

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Jaybird RUN v1.1 firmware significantly improves connectivity, and you can install it via desktop updater

While some Bluetooth earphones like Bose's SoundSport Free can be updated easily over-the-air, others require a desktop updater. Jaybird's RUN and Freedom are among the second group, and although updating is a little annoying, it can be done. And if you happen to own a pair of the RUN wireless buds, you'll be happy to learn that version 1.1 of the firmware makes signal reception much better.

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Jaybird RUN review: A set of true wireless earbuds that actually stay in your ears

Fully wireless earbuds are almost certainly the future of in-ear audio. Apple's Airpods, for all the controversy around them, have kicked an entire industry into high gear trying to capitalize on their various shortcomings. One such competitor is Jaybird, now owned by Logitech, whose products we've given high marks in the past, particularly their X series of Bluetooth headphones. Jaybird headphones, though, have been of the wired-wireless variety, using a cable to keep the two earbuds attached to one another. The X2 and X3 were some of our favorite Bluetooth earbuds ever for their comfort, audio quality, and durability - Jaybird did quite a job with them, wire and all.

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