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New Google Assistant on the Pixel 4 expands beyond English, starting with Japanese

At launch, the new Google Assistant on the Pixel 4 came with several limitations. Beside requiring the Pixel 4, it didn't work for those who have a G Suite account on their phone, required gesture navigation, and didn't support multiple languages, but worse yet, it was limited to US English only. With time, some of these obstacles were removed, like the navigation requirement, and we've seen the addition of more English variants. Now, the new Assistant is going beyond English for the first time, with official support for Japanese.

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Google Assistant for TVs now speaks Italian and Japanese

Google Assistant isn't only available on Android TV, but also on select television sets with other operating systems. For example, it's quite capable on recent LG devices. However, in contrast to the Assistant on phones and smart home gadgets, language support is relatively limited on TVs. That's why it's nice to see that Google has added support for Italian and Japanese on devices without Android TV.

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Google Assistant gets improved voice models for Dutch, Indian English, Indonesian, Norwegian, and Japanese

Google Assistant is an incredibly powerful tool in the US, and as of late, the personal helper is getting better all around the globe with an ever-growing number of supported languages and actions. This goes hand in hand with Google's recent announcement that it wants to massively expand Assistant all over the world, which has already led to a plethora of new and improved languages. Now, another round of updated and new voices have arrived for even broader international support.

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Google Lens support arrives for Japanese


Gboard v8.1 makes space for OCR, prepares Pixel-specific theme, enhanced Japanese keyboard, and more [APK Teardown]

The latest update to Gboard is making the rounds, and this one appears to be taking another stab at enabling the clipboard manager. Meanwhile, this update also sets the stage for additional features to be added to the overflow menu, an improved Japanese keyboard, a Pixel-specific theme, and more.

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Google releases new Playground AR emoji pack for Japanese phrases [APK Download]

Google isn't showing any signs of slowing down with its AR emoji venture, now called Playground or Playmoji. Just last month, the new Childish Gambino set dropped and a couple of days ago Cody discovered signs of the app working on AR shopping, animals, answers, and something related to International Women's Day. Now a new set has surfaced, this time for Japanese phrases.

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[Update: Assistant actions get new voices on March 4th] Google Assistant improves support for French, German, Korean, and other languages

As with most of Google's products, Assistant is an incredibly powerful tool in the United States, but its functionality is limited in other countries. This is understandable, since there are dozens of other major languages worldwide with countless dialects, and speech recognition for each variation can take a while to develop. At Mobile World Congress, Google announced a massive expansion for Assistant's language support.

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Google Assistant routines are now official in many languages/countries (but not Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, or Sweden)

Google Assistant routines can save you a lot of time by executing multiple commands in succession after you say a simple sentence. They started off as "My Day," which brought a simple morning routine, but then multiple routines were enabled, as were custom routines, and finally scheduled routines. But until recently, they were only officially available if you set your Assistant to use English (US). Now, they're supported in many more language/country combinations.

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Google's designer Pixel 3 cases in Japan will include their own AR experiences

Google's first-party cases might be a bit on the chunky side, but they're nice enough to make up for the added thickness, and customers in Japan will be getting an extra benefit with their phone protection. Google's doing a whole collection of regionally exclusive (and super snazzy) cases for the country, and they come with their own AR experiences.

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Your Google Assistant is bilingual starting today — at least, for any pair of six specific languages

Google's Assistant has been making great strides in both functionality and speech recognition since its original release in the far off year of 2016. In fact, Google says that it has improved so much that, starting today, it can recognize two different languages interchangeably. Your Google Home is now bilingual, something no other digital assistant can do — at least, since Google's other assistant, Google Now. But there is a caveat: it supports only two languages among a list of six.

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