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Android Pay v1.19 prepares to show full transaction histories even when Pay isn't used, adding support for Nanaco cards in Japan soon [APK Teardown]

Android Pay v1.19 began rolling out last night, but like many of its recent updates, there aren't any obvious new features to see after updating. However, a teardown of the app does show there are a few things in the works, or maybe even ready to launch in the near future. Supported cards will soon allow Android Pay to show full transaction history, even if the purchase was made outside of Android Pay. It will soon be possible to block sensitive data from appearing on screen, which will prevent prying eyes from stealing that information. And finally, Japanese users can look forward to support for the Nanaco payment card.

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Android One devices are getting a Pixel-esque launcher in a 7.1.1 update, starting with the Y!mobile S2

The Pixel Launcher's reach has been spreading in the past few weeks. Yes, it could always be sideloaded, but it was only initially available for the Pixel and Pixel XL. The 7.1.2 beta 2 update, however, brought it to the Pixel C as well. Now, it seems that Android One smartphones are getting a lookalike of Google's latest launcher, beginning with Y!mobile's Android One S2.

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Amazon's newest Fire TV Stick available for pre-order in the UK, Germany, and Japan

Back in September of last year, Amazon released a new model of its Chromecast competitor, the Fire TV Stick. The $39.99 dongle is a major upgrade from the previous model, with better performance and Wi-Fi capabilities. Now Amazon is selling it in the United Kingdom, Germany, and Japan.

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New Magikarp game splashing onto Android this spring in Japan

The Pokemon Company has announced a new game today titled Splash! Magikarp (Hanero! Koiking), set to be released in Japan this Spring. With this new upcoming release, it would appear that the Pokemon Company is ramping up production of offshoot Pokemon themed games and apps for mobile.

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Android Pay officially expands to Japan

Google is slowly but surely expanding its Android Pay platform to more territories. Today Japan gets access - if you're in the country you should be able to download the app from the Play Store for the first time on Android 4.4 or later. Google's retail partners in Japan include McDonalds, Dominoes, Lawson, Mini-Stop, Apita, Family Mart, and Coca-Cola vending machines, along with a handful of Japan-exclusive retailers. 

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Android Pay v1.12 prepares for launch in Japan with Rakuten Edy and other e-money providers [APK Teardown]

Android Pay made its first Asian appearance in Singapore back in late-June. A couple months later, in August, rumors began circulating that Google was in negotiations with numerous financial companies to prepare for a launch in Japan. Names of the likely partners included: Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, East Japan Railway Company, Rakuten, NTT Docomo, and JCB, to name a few. Since then, details have been sparse; but with evidence discovered in the latest update to Android Pay, it's now clear that a deal has been struck with Rakuten.

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LG announces the isai Beat, a smaller V20 with water resistance, for Japan

The V20's a nice phone, but its 5.7-inch screen, combined with the secondary display up top, can make it a bit unwieldy to hold for those of you with smaller hands. Well, LG's got a solution for you - the oddly-named isai Beat (LGV34), a phone with most of the V20's features, a 5.2-inch display, and water resistance. However, if you don't live in Japan, you might have a hard time getting your hands on one of these.

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Spotify launches today in Japan on an invite-only basis, debuts song lyrics on mobile

Spotify today announced the official arrival of its music service in the Land of the Rising Sun. Both Spotify's ad-supported free streaming plan and ad-free subscription will be available in Japan, making it the only music service in the country to offer the choice between these two approaches — or so does Spotify claim.

But the service isn't yet available to all. Users will have to go to in Japan and request an invite to be able to join. Public availability for all is said to be coming later. If they opt for the paid plan, it will cost 980 yen (approx $9.67).

Regardless of whether they choose the freemium or paid subscription, they'll get the benefit of Spotify's wide catalog of international and Japanese artists, its smart curation algorithms with Discover Weekly and Release Radar along with Japanese-centric playlists, its portability from desktops to mobile, PlayStation, WiFi speakers, and more, and its Gaming and Running modes.

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[Saigo ni] After gaining XP in many other countries, Pokémon GO can no longer resist the lure of Japan

Pokémon GO has made several Pokéstops since its launch. First available in Australia and New Zealand, the game powered up and spread to the US, UK, Germany, followed by several European countries. Notice something missing there? Yes, the gym where it all started: Japan. That's no more.

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Android Auto launches in Japan today

Android Auto works in a few dozen markets already, but until today Japan was not among them. Google has announced that its in-car platform is available in Japan effective immediately, and several cars will be ready to accept Android Auto connections just as soon as Japanese users can find a USB cable to plug in.

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