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January security updates


Essential Phone isn't dead yet, picks up January update mere hour after Pixels

Essential's January update to the PH-1 was a bit delayed compared to the company's usual standards. Instead of the typical near-simultaneous release, we had to wait just over an hour for the Essential Phone to get this months' patches. For fans of the house of Rubin, that's nearly an eternity.

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[Update: Security Bulletin] January Android Security Updates Rolling Out To Nexus Devices, Factory Images Available

Google is making good on its promise to release monthly security patches to the Android Open Source Project that fix some issues and patch up potential vulnerabilities to the system. Now that we've turned the calendar to a new month, the corresponding updates should be almost upon us and indeed, we've spotted a few hints of them online.

On its support pages for the Nexus 5, Sprint mentions that the latest software version is MMB29S, released January 4th (ie today).

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