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Google announces new Hangouts Meet hardware, wider Jamboard availability, and G Suite core service addition

Google announced a number of changes to its enterprise hardware lineup today: an updated Hangouts Meet conference hardware set for larger rooms, wider distribution and new AI-assisted functionality for its interactive whiteboard-like Jamboard device, and the inclusion of the Jamboard app as a core service in the G Suite.

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Google's cool collaborative whiteboard, Jamboard, comes to the UK for £3,999

Google's Jamboard looks like an awesome collaborative cloud-based whiteboard for enterprises. I haven't used one, like almost everyone here, but if I worked in a physical company (the virtual AP offices don't count), I'd probably be begging my boss to get us one. Jamboard was launched in May in the US and now it's rolling over the Atlantic to the UK.

If your company uses G Suite (Basic, Business, Enterprise, or Education, though the latter will have to satisfy some requirements), you can now purchase the Jamboard for £3,999 in the UK (about $5,213).

The price includes two styluses, one eraser, and one wall mount.

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Google launches the Jamboard app for its new smart whiteboard

Google announced the Jamboard a few months ago, which is a business-oriented product you are probably not going to buy. Each one of these smart whiteboards costs $5,000, plus another $1,200 if you want the rolling stand. There's an app though. The app is free, but its capabilities are limited without the $5,000 piece of hardware.

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Jamboard, Google's cloud-connected whiteboard, is now available in the US for $4,999

Back in October of last year, Google announced a rather interesting product - a whiteboard. However, the Jamboard is no ordinary whiteboard; it's a cloud-connected digital whiteboard with an ultra high-definition display. For just $4,999 plus annual fees in the hundreds, you can have a Jamboard of your very own.

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Google's Jamboard, the digital whiteboard, will be available this May for a hefty sum

Back in October, Google announced the Jamboard, which is a digital whiteboard for G Suite customers. At the Google Cloud Next event today, pricing and availability was announced: $4,999 to purchase plus a $600 yearly maintenance fee. Oh, you can cut that $600 in half for the first year if you order by September 30.

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Google's Jamboard is a digital whiteboard for cloud collaboration

Google's latest hardware product is not a new Chromebook, or a phone, or a tablet. The company revealed the Jamboard in a blog post today, calling it, "the whiteboard, reimagined for collaboration in the cloud." No, this isn't April Fool's Day, Google did actually announce a whiteboard.

Designed for use with the recently-rebranded G Suite, the Jamboard can pull data from a variety of Google services. Users can add documents from Google Drive, video chat over Hangouts, and draw on it like a typical whiteboard - all at once. The board works like a Google Docs file - it can be edited by multiple people at once from a number of different devices.

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