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Google's ATAP And Levi Strauss Create Commuter Trucker Jacket Using Project Jacquard's Touch-Sensitive Fabric, Available Spring 2017

There are many opinions about wearable technology, but most criticisms focus on the awkwardness – or just plain unattractiveness – of many products that have come thus far. One of the more interesting presentations from I/O 2015 came during the ATAP session, in which Project Jacquard was introduced. This is a touch-sensitive fabric that can be woven into regular clothing and used a bit like a trackpad. This technology is being put to real use, and in a partnership with Levi Strauss, the first product using Jacquard will be launching next Spring.

Levi's is calling it the Commuter Trucker Jacket, a denim jacket with Jacquard woven into the left sleeve.

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[CES 2013] ScotteVest Shows Off The Jacket Of The Future, But We Want It Right Now

We have long speculated what the future will actually be like: flying cars, livable space stations, intergalactic travel will be the norm – you know, all that stuff. Alas, none of those things have quite come to fruition yet, and I doubt they will in my lifetime. What may actually become a thing that we can have, though, is wearable tech. And I'm not talking about smartwatches and the like. I'm talking about intelligent, sophisticated clothing.

Kind of like this insane concept jacket that ScotteVest is showing off at CES:

This is the TEC (Technology Enabled Clothing) Jacket 2.0. It has features that we've never seen before in a jacket (file that under "sentences that I never expected to write"), like built-in, flexible speakers and noise-cancelling microphones; onboard network-enhancing antennas, batteries, batteries, and more batteries; solar plates, and e-ink displays to output current stats.

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Motorola Will Not Be iBashed - Fires Back At Apple's Death Grip Claim With This Gem

When Apple released a widely criticized video of a Droid X death grip last week, Motorola suddenly found itself as a target of what could essentially be interpreted as a smear campaign. Here is the video for those who managed to miss it:

Of course, the video followed a similar smear aimed at HTC's Droid Eris during a recent Apple press conference focused on antennas and reception. Clearly, Apple is not singling anyone out while trying to defend itself. The only problem is it's not comparing apples to apples (oh, the puns) - in fact, I'll leave the explanation to this very sane article by PC World.

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