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A Googler built a tool to spot satellites from your backyard - no telescope required

We humans have always loved looking up to the stars, but for a few decades, the night sky hasn't only been populated by natural phenomena. A plethora of satellites are orbiting our planet, and if you know just when to look up, you might even be able to see some flying over your head. Google graphics and computer vision engineer James Darpinian has developed a web app that helps you identify where to look to spot these objects by utilizing Street View and browser notifications as well as weather warnings.

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You can now take a tour of the International Space Station in Google Maps' Street View

Many people's lifelong dreams include visiting outer space. While it's probable that the vast majority of people won't get to visit space, at least in this lifetime, space can still be experienced via the wonders of the Internet. Case in point: the International Space Station can now be explored in Google Maps' Street View.

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