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IK Multimedia iRig UA Review: Finally, Real Guitar Amp Emulation On Android (With No Latency)

Anyone who's been around AP for a reasonable amount of time knows that I'm a big fan of my iPad Mini simply because I love the guitar amp sims available on the platform. For roughly $50(ish), I'm able to cover essentially any tone I can imagine, most of which are very true to the amp they're recreating. While I wouldn't think about using this in a live situation, it's absolutely indispensable for practice and recording quick licks.

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IK Multimedia's iRig 2, The First Digital Music Interface With Android Support, Is Available Today For $40

Back in early January of this year, IK Multimedia announced the iRig 2, one of three Android-compatible digital music interfaces announced by the company in recent months. While the first one -- the iRig HD-A -- is compatible exclusively with Samsung Professional Audio devices (Note 3/4, Galaxy S5/6/Edge), the iRig 2 is the first interface on the market that should support most Android 5.0 devices in some way or another.

Today marks the public release of the iRig 2, and it's already available from retailers like Musician's Friend and Sweetwater Music, though Amazon shows that it's actually not available until March 30th.

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IK Multimedia Announces The iRig UA, Brings Guitar Effects Processing To Android 4.0+

If you're a guitarist, you know what time of year it is: it's the winter NAMM show! You're undoubtedly following your favorite brands (I certainly am) to see what new stuff comes out, and I'm sure the majority of you even have a wishlist (again, guilty). While I won't bore you with my current wants from NAMM, there's at least one thing worth talking about on the Android front: the iRig UA from IK Multimedia.

Now, you may recall that IK has already made some movement in the Android space with its Samsung-only iRig HD-A and Android-compatible iRig 2, but now the company has gone and done something really freakin' rad: built an iRig that works with Android 4.0+.

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