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Huawei and its CFO Wanzhou Meng charged with financial crimes by US Justice Department

Things have gone from bad to worse for Huawei after its CFO was detained by Canadian authorities in December. US authorities have unsealed a 13-count indictment charging Huawei, two subsidiaries, and CFO Wanzhou Meng with an array of financial crimes including wire fraud and conspiracy to commit money laundering.

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Google and Amazon are closing 'domain fronting' loopholes used to bypass web censorship

For years, governments around the world have tried to block various web services. This has often proved tricky in recent times, as the recent Telegram bans in Iran and Russia revealed. For example, Russia broke countless other sites while attempting to block Telegram, because they shared the same infrastructure (AWS, Google Cloud Messaging, etc).

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Iran bans Telegram, releases government-approved replacement featuring 'Death to America' slogans

At the end of May, the Iranian government announced it was planning to block the use of Telegram as a result of "national security" concerns. At the time, it expressed an interest in pushing users of the messaging app onto state-sanctioned solutions, like "Soroush," before the ban went fully into effect. Last Thursday, Telegram's license to operate in the country was formally revoked and the government's preferred app was officially released—toting downloadable "Death to America" stickers. 

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Iran reportedly to block Telegram due to 'national security' concerns

After posting about its impressive 200 million user count, messaging service Telegram has been dealt another blow. The Iranian government is reportedly preparing to block the platform, citing concerns of "national security."

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