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Pixel phone owners are seeing bizarre image bugs in screenshots sent from iPhones

The mobile market is mature enough that there aren't too many issues left when it comes to cross-compatibility between Android and iOS, at least for relatively simple matters like mobile web surfing or SMS. But the latest flagship phones on both sides of the aisle seem to have a bit of digital beef, at least according to a few Pixel owners. This discussion on the Google's product forum details a bizarre bug distorting screenshots sent from the iPhone 7 Plus (the latest and most expensive iPhone) to the Pixel.

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Weekend Poll: Are you considering purchasing an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus?

Yes, this is Android Police, but there's no ignoring the annual feeding frenzy that is the launch of the newest iPhone. With the iPhone 7, Apple has actually introduced a number of features some have long wished the brand would include on their devices: water and dust protection, dual stereo speakers, and a base model with 32GB of storage were seeming no-brainers, but this is Apple we're talking about.

While they remain predictable in their boldly high pricing, the 7 and 7 Plus have turned heads - for reasons both good and bad. The removal of the headphone jack has been a strong point of contention among consumers and critics alike, and while the 7 Plus's new dual-camera arrangement has been highly lauded, it's not present on the standard iPhone 7.

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Will the iPhone 7's capacitive home button finally mean the death of the Galaxy's physical one?

An iPhone 7 take that isn't about the headphone jack? Surprising! But yesterday's Apple announcement contained one piece of information that left me really wondering about the future of the world's most popular brand of Android smartphones. The iPhone 7 has officially ditched the physical home button - and I'd argue that decision makes complete sense. Failed home buttons have been a hallmark of iPhone ownership even from the early days, and relying on an oddly primitive, analog mechanical key as the access point to a device that will likely be used hundreds of times a day by the average owner doesn't really make sense in 2016.

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