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Google Assistant smart displays from JBL, Lenovo, and LG coming in July

In response to Amazon's Echo Show, Google announced that it was building Assistant 'smart displays' with partners. Put simply, they are Google Homes with a touch screen for watching videos, calling friends, looking up recipes, and performing other basic functionality. The smart displays were planned to go on sale this summer, but now we have more information and a more precise date.

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Google Photos is planning AI-powered recommendations called suggested actions

I/O is now in full swing, and so far Google has placed a significant emphasis on its AI-powered plans for the future. In fact, it's planning on making one of its best products ever, Google Photos, even better through liberal machine-learned seasoning called suggested actions. So the next time you grab a photo of your friends or an image doesn't come out quite perfectly, Photos will be able to lend a hand. 

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Google Assistant now available on over 500 million devices

Google Assistant started off in 2016 as a chatbot in Allo and a Pixel-exclusive experiment. It had some growing pains, but now it's available on cars, speakers, most Android devices, the Pixelbook, wearables, and other form factors.

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Google adding machine learning-based Smart Compose to Gmail this month

The recent Gmail redesign is still fresh in everyone's minds and I'm still playing around with it. Google isn't done with its signature email, however. Smart Compose is the next step, which utilizes the advances in AI to improve upon the already nifty Smart Reply.

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Morse code input coming to Gboard beta later today

One of the first announcements to come out of Google I/O today is an accessibility feature for Gboard. During the keynote, a woman named Tania explained how she built a device (with her husband's help) to translate blinks in morse code into text on a phone/computer.

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Google updates I/O app for 2018

You know Google I/O is right around the corner when the official app gets a fresh coat of paint. Yes, today is the day. You can download the new Google I/O app right now and begin reserving seats and adding events to your schedule. It also looks pretty different.

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You can now reserve seats for Google I/O 2018 sessions via the updated schedule

Google I/O is now less than a month away, and Google has updated the website with all the events, keynotes, and sessions it will hold. The schedule could be changed at Google's discretion prior to the big day, but attendees can head to the I/O site right now to reserve seats for the sessions as currently listed.

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The first wave of Google I/O invites has started going out

I/O news is abound these days: yesterday we saw that the registration for the ticket raffle was closed and then the preliminary schedule was published revealing focus on Assistant, Chrome and the Web, a new Android Wear session, but still no signs of TV and Auto (though they might be added later). Now we have the first sign of ticket invites being issued to those who tossed their name in the hat.

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Google I/O 2018 schedule is up: New things for Wear, Chrome OS, Assistant, but no sign of TV or Auto yet

The Google I/O 2018 ticket sign up registration is now closed, but there's something else on the I/O website that should grab your interest: the event schedule is now up and you can see that there might be two main keynotes on May 8, one from 10am to 11:30pm and one from 12:45pm to 1:45pm. I don't think this format was used in the previous years: it used to be one long main keynote.

Aside from the main event, the schedule has a long list of sessions to look through just to try to gauge a bit what the next focus points for Google will be over the next year.

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[Update: Official date] Google I/O 2018 teaser website is live with hints and riddles

Google I/O 2018 should still be about 4 months out, but Google is ready to let you in on a few secrets. The I/O website has been updated with a little hunt for clues behind the scenes of the 2018 event. The setting uses Street View and starts in a parking lot then a reception office full of little hints and 4 locks to get through. I managed to open the first one, but I had to stop to write this article.

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