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Google's Android P beta is coming to nearly a dozen different smartphones

In an unprecedented move for Google, Android P's latest beta will be available on eleven devices. The registration just went live not too long ago, but it's not limited to just the Pixels this time. No, dear reader, Google is offering the beta to devices from other manufacturers.

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[Update: DP2 OTA rolling out] Android P Beta Program is now live

Google's developer preview timeline indicated that we'd see DP2 land around the same time as I/O. Well, the Android Beta Program page is now live for Android P, so DP2 can't be far behind. Interested parties should zip on over and register up their compatible devices for the convenience of OTA developer preview updates. 

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Google Assistant gets food pick-up and delivery service

The Google Assistant is all about making our lives easier, and a new food pick-up and delivery service is one more way it hopes to do this. Director of Product Management Lilian Rincon took to the stage at Google I/O 2018 to walk us through some new ways we can interact with the Assistant, and as part of the demo she ordered "her usual" from a Starbucks store nearby.

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Google Assistant's Duplex will call businesses for you to set up appointments

Google Assistant is pretty great already, but there are some things you need an actual human for. Not every business has an online booking system, so in some cases, you have to talk to an actual person to make a reservation (the horror!). Google's solution for this is 'Duplex,' which will allow Assistant to actually call a business for you to set up an appointment or reservation.

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Custom and scheduled Routines coming to Assistant

Earlier this year, Google added six Routines to Assistant to improve your smart home experience by accomplishing multiple tasks with a single command. Now, Google will be rolling out the ability to create custom Routines based around using one of the millions of available Assistant Actions.

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Google Assistant coming to Maps this summer

Even though Google Assistant has been available for nearly two years now, it hasn't been added to the navigation mode on Google Maps. Tapping the microphone icon triggers the older voice search functionality - but that's finally changing. The company announced today that Assistant is finally coming to Maps.

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Google Assistant will support continued conversation, becomes smarter with multiple actions

At I/O today, Google announced that Assistant on Google Home will soon be able to hold a conversation and respond to multiple requests without a user having to repeat "Okay Google" each time. The feature is similar to 'Follow-up mode' on Alexa, which became available a couple of months ago.

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Google Assistant's 'Pretty Please' will encourage kids to be polite

You don't have to be nice to AI assistants. As long as they can understand you, they'll generally do what you ask, regardless of how you ask it. Some parents have been concerned that that might encourage their kids to be rude and demanding to actual people, so Google came up with a way to safeguard against that. It's called Pretty Please.

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A much richer Assistant experience coming to Android this summer, iOS later this year

Despite my preference to swipe over to the Feed for most things I need, I will call up Assistant whenever I remember to do so. But coming later this year, Google is going to be vastly improving the visual Assistant experience.

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Google introduces 6 new voices for Assistant, plus John Legend is coming later this year

WaveNet technology from Alphabet research company DeepMind has been used to make the Google Assistant sound more natural since last year. It uses a deep neural network to generate more human sounding speech recordings, and because of that, the Assistant is much more pleasant to converse with. There have only been two voices to choose from until now, but Sundar Pichai has just announced at Google I/O 2018 that six more are available, as of today.

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