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Boarding passes and tickets coming soon to Google Pay

Airline and event tickets have been making their way to Google Pay for a while. But at today's Build with Google Pay session, the company has finally publicly announced the feature, in concert with Urban Airship. With it, you'll be able to quickly and easily access tickets for everything from flights to sporting events, all from the convenience of the Google Pay app. 

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Android P DP2 restores 'Force stop' button on app info settings page

When Android P's first developer preview dropped in March, we noticed a number of changes to the app info settings page. Among the more bizarre was that the option to force stop an app had been relegated to the three-dot overflow menu in the top-right corner. Developer Preview 2 is out today, though, and good news, everyone: it's back to where it makes sense.

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Google's new Android TV dongle for developers supports 4K, HDR - and you can't buy one

Google announced a brand-new version of its Android TV developer hardware platform at I/O today. The ADT-2, sequel to the ADT-1, is being given out to attendees of the conference in Mountain View (they'll ship at a later date). The ADT-2 takes on a Chromecast-like dongle form factor, and was first outed in an FCC certification listing around a month ago. The ADT-2 will not be sold to consumers.

Speaking to Googlers on the Android TV team in a briefing ahead of the show, we learned that the ADT-2 is intended to provide developers a "typical" Android TV experience in terms of hardware capability.

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App Standby Buckets in Android P group apps based on use, limiting resources for less important ones

With every new version of Android come promises of better battery and power management from Google, some of which, like Doze, have worked out quite well. With P, one of the new elements coming are called App Standby Buckets. This method effectively segregates apps into different tiers, or buckets; the system then limits device resource allocation based on which group an app is in.

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Simpler Google Play app testing means no open alphas or closed betas

Google has issued an update to how developers use the Play Store to test apps. There aren't as many options, but the entire setup is simpler. You've got internal tests, closed alpha, and open beta. That's it.

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Google Maps to get more personal with new 'For you' tab, place recommendations

Google wants to make Maps a more personal experience. The platform is getting some new features focused on highlighting places and activities Google's algorithms think you'll like, including a new "For you" tab that's an automatically-populated list of spots you might want to check out.

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Google Lens is coming to camera apps from Google, Motorola, LG, Sony, and more

Google is going big on machine learning at this year's I/O—much of the keynote was about Assistant and Lens, both of which leverage neural networks to make magic happen on your phone. Now, Lens will be faster to use because it'll be right there in your camera app. This is coming to Google's phones, of course, but that's not all. Devices from Sony, Motorola, and others will also have Lens in the camera.

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[Update: APK Download] Google News overhauled with new interface and features, merged with Play Newsstand

Google News has always seemingly been a side project at Google. The Android app arrived on the Play Store in 2014, and has received occasional minor updates since. During today's Google I/O keynote, a brand new version of the app was announced, seemingly dropping the weather functionality and merging with Google Play Newsstand.

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Android Dashboard, App Timer, Wind Down, and new Do Not Disturb features will help look after your digital wellbeing

You would think that Google wants you on your phone as much as possible. That's where it can sell you ads and services in order to make money — that's its bread and butter. Yet Google CEO Sundar Pichai made a surprising announcement at Google I/O today. Upcoming new features in Android are going to help you get away from your phone and spend more time by yourself or with your family.

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AI-powered 'App Actions' in Android P will offer contextual suggestions for... pretty much everything

Android P is going to bring a lot of changes to our favorite mobile OS, and one of those is called App Actions. The concept should sound familiar: Android will attempt to offer you suggestions on what to do next with your phone.

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