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[Update: Google Photos API generally available] Google launches Google Photos partner program

Google introduced a program today that will allow developers to integrate Google Photos into their services. The program includes an API that lets third-party services use some of the features Google Photos offers, such as the platform's powerful search functionality.

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[Update: New, better photo] Pixel 2's color profile picker adds reference photo on Android P DP2

The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL have a "Colors" setting in their display options that lets you tune your screen's color saturation and temperature to your liking by choosing between "Natural," "Boosted," and "Saturated" options. In Android P's Developer Preview 2, the menu now shows a photo—a cloudy sunset behind a couple of palm trees—so you can more immediately see the effects of your choice.

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[Update: Some non-Google Oreo phones too] Android Auto Wireless will come to all Android P devices

Android Auto Wireless was announced back at CES, where David and I got to see a demo and talk to some of the Auto team about it. Then last month, Google announced that both gens of the Pixels and the Nexus 6P/5X could now project to a compatible head unit wirelessly. Now, according to a press release from Kenwood, all devices running Android 9.0 P and later will be able to wirelessly project Auto.

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[That's the shit] Google Assistant will soon control your smart toilet and tub

In a not-so-distant future, you'll be able to control everything with your Google Home and Assistant. No sooner did we discover seven new device types supported directly by it (A/Cs, air purifiers, fans, coffee makers, kettles, ovens, sprinklers) than we learned about even more devices being added shortly, sometime in 2018. The news came from an I/O session where the Actions on Google team dumped the above slide with all the planned device types.

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For Google, it's full speed ahead with Android Automotive, but not so much with Android Auto

By some measures, Android Auto is a huge success. Google's infotainment system is available in cars from dozens of automakers, and consumers will be using these vehicles for years. That's a lot of people incentivized to use services like Assistant and Maps, but Auto is inherently limited as a projected interface from your phone. The car integration tab in Auto remains barren in virtually all vehicles. Google's solution is to build a version of Android that runs on cars, which it calls Android Automotive. We now have a better idea what that could look like.

I/O 2018 marks the second time Google has partnered with automakers to set up elaborate demos of what Android is like when it's actually running on a car.

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SD card support for Android apps, Gboard, low-latency drawing, and more coming to Chrome OS

At Google I/O 2018, the big announcement for Chromebooks was Linux app support. Even though it only works on the Pixelbook right now, with support for more models coming soon, it's still very exciting. That isn't the only new feature coming to Chrome OS - several other changes were covered after the keynote or discovered in recent Chromium commits.

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Weekend poll: What was your favorite announcement from Google I/O?

Unless you've been living under a digital rock, you're probably aware that Google's yearly I/O developer conference was just earlier this week. At the event Google showed off a variety of new services and plans, covering a range from the immediately available Android P developer preview 2, to the coming Google Duplex—not to be confused with Google's other Duplex, of course.

If you tuned in or followed the news, we're curious: Which of Google's announcements from this year's I/O was your favorite?

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Google's hyped obstruction-removal feature in Photos is deprioritized, may still have major issues

We're coming up on a year since Google CEO Sundar Pichai showed off a nifty obstruction-removal feature in Google Photos at I/O 2017 — you know, the one where a chain-link fence is magically removed from a photo of a girl at bat. Some Pollyannas were hoping Google would offer an update on the now-mythical feature at this year's developer conference. While the company announced some cool enhancements to Google Photos at I/O 2018, there was no official follow-up on the fate of the buzzworthy feature showed off last year. But now there's word that it has been deprioritized and may not be anywhere close to a rollout.

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Fireside chat reflections: Android team discusses what it would have done differently

One of the more interesting events at Google I/O every year is the 'Fireside chat,' where members of the Android team answer questions from developers. While most of the topics were about best practices for app development, there was one question that received an interesting response.

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Google will require OEMs to regularly deliver security updates

Security has always been a pressing issue with Android devices. Even though most users won't know (or care) that their phone is behind on security patches, it can leave them exposed to threats. Only a handful of OEMs are known to deliver timely updates, and some companies lie to users entirely.

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