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Over 600 Android Phones Launched In The Last Year, 65 Billion Apps Installed, And Other Numbers

The past year has been good for Android. As Google likes to do during each of its annual developer conferences, it happily boasted about a few numbers. Engineering Vice President Dave Burke appeared happy to give the news.

Companies launched over 600 phones in the past year. During this time, Android users installed apps over 65 billion times.

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Android N Will Remove Unused Apps From Recents

While maybe not the biggest change in Android N, Google announced a few interface changes to app switching that were particularly well-received during the I/O keynote. A couple of them had already popped up in the Developer Previews, but the keynote serves as confirmation that they will make it to the final builds. A change that is new to all of us is that there will be a reduction in the number of apps shown in the recent apps UI. Anything that hasn't been used "in a while" will be hidden from the user.

This, Google says, is because their user research showed that over 99% of users never accessed an app further back than 7 in the recent apps UI.

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Google Announces 'Daydream' VR Platform As Part Of Android N

Google handed out the first Cardboard viewers at I/O two years ago, which was a nice casual take on VR. With Android N, Google will start taking VR seriously. Daydream is the name for Google's new VR platform, which will include specifications for phones that properly support VR, headset reference designs, and a revamped VR interface/store.

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Google Wants Your Help Creating A Name For Android N

A new version of Android is on the way, but Google isn't announcing a name at Google I/O. All throughout the keynote, the next release continues to go by Android N.

That's set to change in the fall when the update starts appearing on new devices. But before then, Google needs to come up with a name.

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Google Photos Has 200 Million Monthly Active Users, 2 Trillion Labels Automatically Applied

Everyone's favorite online Photo management tool, Google Photos, is pretty popular. At the company's annual developer conference, I/O, Google just announced that Photos has over 200 million monthly active users, with over 2 trillion labels automatically applied to a variety of different photos. CEO Sundar Pichai said a lot of these were labelling selfies, which is mind-boggling when you think just how many selfies must be taken every day.

These usage statistics are pretty cool, especially for a product which only launched at last year's I/O. I personally use Google Photos for all my photo management, and can attest to how well thought out I find the entire product.

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Google Home Is Google's Voice-Controlled Smart Home Hub, Coming Later This Year

Amazon Echo is about to have company. As the New York Times reported, Google has a competing device in the works, and it has the full weight of the search giant's natural language processing behind it. If you haven't already heard the name, you could probably take a guess. It's Google Home.

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Family Library For Google Play Purchases Is Official, App Purchases Will Be Shared Among Up To Six Family Members Starting July 2nd

We knew it was coming eventually, but just before the Google I/O keynote began, Google updated its developer documentation with more details about Family Library. Most important, we have a launch date of sorts: July 2nd. That date marks when app purchases will be shared in the Family Library by default unless the developer opts out.

For those who aren't familiar, Family Library will be a way for trusted family members to share Play Store purchases among one another. We have seen bits and pieces popping up in our APK teardowns for a while now. When it comes to video purchases, for instance, we can tell that you will be restricted to streaming the same title on only one device at a time.

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Watch The Google I/O 2016 Keynote Livestream Right Here (360-Degree And Regular)

Google I/O 2016 is kicking off, and here's the video stream you're looking for. It's presented in 360 degree video, not that you'll want to look at the crowd. All the good stuff is happening on stage.

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[Update: Official] Android Pay Is Probably About To Launch In The UK

Sometimes Google's social team jumps the gun a little bit. Case in point, earlier today the Android Twitter account posted that Android Pay was finally available in the UK after being announced way back in March. Except, well... not quite yet. That tweet was removed and now they are saying we're "not quite there yet." We're betting that means tomorrow.

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[Update: Play Store Page Is Up For Pre-Registration] Duo Is Google's New One-On-One Video Calling App For Android And iOS

As a major component of what appears to be a big push to revamp its messaging offerings, Google has announced Duo, a video calling app. As the name suggests, it is focused solely on two-person video conversations.

Unlike Allo, which Google insists is bringing some fundamentally new features, Duo is all about simplicity.

As far as novel features go, the closest we get is that when you receive a video call, you can see the live video of the caller before you answer.

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