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Google I/O 2016: Soli, Jacquard, Ara, And Our Closing Thoughts (Video)

Google I/O 2016 came to a close on Friday, and it marked our sixth year in attendance to Google's annual developer bash. A great many topics were covered from divisions all over Google, with lots of announcements big and small, both consumer and developer-facing. Our first I/O recap covered the front half of the show, while Mark takes a look at some of the announcements from Google's ATAP division as well as shares some thoughts on the show and news overall this year.

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Our Google I/O Recap - In 7 Minutes (Video)

Looking to get your head around the majority of the announcements at Google I/O? We've got a video for that. Our summary of all the announcements from the keynote and day one of the show will catch you up with the major happenings at I/O 2016, with our very own Mark Burstiner.

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Android Police Podcast Ep.207: Google I/O 2016

Welcome back to another week of the Android Police Podcast. To catch us live on Hangouts On Air every Thursday at 5:30PM PST (subject to change as per the calendar widget below), just head over to For the unedited video show, click here (warning: this video is uncut). As always, we'll take your questions at 530-HELLO-AP and also at our email address: podcast at androidpolice dot com.

On this week's show: All things Google I/O 2016!

This week's Android Police Podcast is brought to you by Linode cloud hosting. Linode has hosted Android Police for over five years, and as a special offer to our podcast listeners and readers, they're giving away $20 of service credit (good for up to two months of service).

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Car Manufacturers May Finally Be Taking Android Auto Seriously

Android Auto is quite possibly shaping up to be the dark horse in Google's larger Android family. At I/O 2016, Google announced more new Android Auto features than it ever has before, including the much-demanded wireless mode which will finally see Android Auto freed from the tether of a USB cable (if that's something you're into).

The real story from an adoption perspective, though, wasn't really Wi-Fi mode, the standalone phone app, or Waze integration: it was a silly little tire pressure notification in a Honda Civic.

You see, to date, Android Auto's interface has had five tabs - telephony, navigation, media, home, and the mysterious "OEM" tab, which has an icon that looks like a vehicle gauge.

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Google's ATAP And Levi Strauss Create Commuter Trucker Jacket Using Project Jacquard's Touch-Sensitive Fabric, Available Spring 2017

There are many opinions about wearable technology, but most criticisms focus on the awkwardness – or just plain unattractiveness – of many products that have come thus far. One of the more interesting presentations from I/O 2015 came during the ATAP session, in which Project Jacquard was introduced. This is a touch-sensitive fabric that can be woven into regular clothing and used a bit like a trackpad. This technology is being put to real use, and in a partnership with Levi Strauss, the first product using Jacquard will be launching next Spring.

Levi's is calling it the Commuter Trucker Jacket, a denim jacket with Jacquard woven into the left sleeve.

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The Pepper Humanoid Robot Is Coming To The US With An Android SDK

Robots are coming. Fortunately, they look more like Sonny than the Terminator. And they go by a cute name — Pepper.

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Android N Feature Spotlight: Storage Access Framework Can Now Provide Virtual Files When Files Aren't Locally Available


Current Nexus Devices Will Not Get The New Seamless Update Feature From Android N

Speaking to Google at the Android team's office hours event, we learned that Android N's new seamless update feature, borrowed from Chrome OS, will not be introduced on any current Nexus devices. While the benefits of seamless updates' usage of dual system partitions to allow OS updates to proceed in the background are substantial, they're also a bit of a technical bear to put on existing smartphones. Implementing seamless updates on the Nexus 5X or 6P, for example, would require repartitioning the entire phone, and wouldn't be possible for an end user to complete without hooking the phone up to a computer, allegedly - it would just be a pain, in short.

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Additional Details About Android Studio 2.2 Preview, Espresso Code Recorder, Layout Editor, And More

Yesterday's Google I/O keynote gave an introduction to some of the great new improvements to Android Studio 2.2, but it only scratched the surface. Today, the Android Tools Team took to the stage again to detail even more about the things they've been doing to make work easier for developers. Topics ranged from new tools like the APK Analyzer and Espresso Test Recorder to big improvements in the code editor and inspectors. We can't cover everything, but here is a summary of the main topics presented today.

New Layout Editor


One of the two hot topics introduced during the keynote is a brand new layout editor.

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The New Awareness API Will Let Apps Better Understand Your Environment

Android has always made use of location services in various ways, including recent innovations like location-based smart lock. What if your phone could truly understand what's going on in the world around it with a simple API? That's Google's new Awareness API, which was just announced at I/O.

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