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[I/O 2014] Android L Performance Gains: ART Is Now The Default Runtime, Improved Graphics, And Drastically Better Battery Life With Project Volta

Android's L release is going to bring about a ton of new changes and improvements, and they took time to talk about a few of the most important today. That includes a new default runtime, improved graphics, and improved battery life.

ART is now the default runtime

We actually saw this coming, but it's now confirmed. ART brings twice the performance over the current runtime, Dalvik. It has been available as a preview for KitKat, but is becoming the default (and from what I can tell, only) runtime in the L release.

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[I/O 2014] Hera Confirmed: Android L Will Allow Chrome Tabs And Other Apps To Fill Multiple Recents Slots With New API

We've known about Project Hera for quite a while, and at Google I/O today, it was confirmed by Google's Director of Product Management for Chrome, Avni Shah. Hera is a new way for the web and apps to interact with each other on Android via an API, allowing apps like Chrome and Docs to use multiple scrolling items in the Recents menu at one time. Combined with the visual overhaul in the L release, this may drastically change the way that users interact with content.

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[I/O 2014] New Mobile Search Experience Unveiled, Looks Amazing

During the presentation for the L release, Google talked a little bit about the new search experience in Google Now. Firstly, there's a huge focus on animations and fluidity, with animations running at a super fluid 60 FPS (this is LEGO). It looks so good.


Oh, look...a new keyboard.

Further, all installed, relevant apps will be able to launch from Google Now. This has been a feature available to a handful of apps for a while now (like IMDb, for example), but with the L release, the API is becoming available to every developer, so all apps can be incorporated into Now's search results. Update: This is live now.

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[I/O 2014] Google Demos New Notification Style in L With Smart Organization, Heads-Up, Personal Unlocking, And More

We had some information to share yesterday about Android notifications in L, so you might have been having a bit of deja vu during the demo. Android L has a new stacked card style for the notifications using the Material Design interface. The features are also getting a boost in L.


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[I/O 2014] Google Shows Off The 'L' Developer Build, Available For Download On 'Developer Devices' Later Today

We knew this was coming, but Google just showed off the Android L release at I/O 2014. The entire thing appears to be based off off what we've come to know as Quantum Paper, but they're actually calling it Material Design in the release. It's so sexy.

It's definitely a very content-driven interface, with simplicity and minimalism the primary focus with the primary UI.


L appears to be a pretty major overhaul in both form and function, with things like enhanced lockscreen notifications, new navigation buttons, and a focus on fluid design and animations that make sense.

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[I/O 2014] Google Announces 1 Billion 30-Day Active Android Users

How popular is Android? Google just gave us an interesting metric – there are 1 billion active Android users. Specifically, that's 30-day active users. Yeah, that's a lot.

2014-06-25 11_18_19-Google I_O 2014 - Keynote - YouTube

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[I/O 2014] Google Developers YouTube Posts Material Design Video Just Before Keynote

Take a gander at the video below, ladies and gents - it was just posted to the Google Developers YouTube account. "Material Design" doesn't feature any context, but anyone who's kept up with the leaks here at Android Police will probably notice some familiar design elements.

At the end of the video is a link to, which gives notes and suggestions on Google's new direction for both web and mobile visual design.

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[I/O 2014] Official I/O Hunt 2014 App Will Send You Looking For Alex, The Android Dog, All Over Moscone Center

The hunt is on. Or it will be right after the main Google I/O keynote is over. If you're a registered attendee of the conference and you have some free time between sessions, the yearly location-based I/O treasure hunt will provide you with enough trivia and challenges to keep you entertained.

This year, you will be looking for Alex, the Android dog, who left a trail of NFC tags all over Moscone Center, starting with a booth on Floor 3.

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Riptide GP2 Developer Prematurely Publishes Changelog, Basically Confirms That AndroidTV Is Coming Tomorrow

We've been hearing rumors about Android TV, Google's push to get Android into the set-top box market, for a while now, with the most recent leaks pointing towards a Google I/O announcement. Looks like we're definitely going to see Google take the wraps off of it tomorrow, as the Riptide GP2 dev prematurely posted a changelog that all but confirms it:


Unfortunately, the log has since been pulled, but not before an eagle-eyed Android fan could grab a screenshot and toss it onto Google+.

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Official Google I/O 2014 App Hits The Play Store

Going to Google I/O this year? Not going, but want to pretend you are? Either way, the official I/O 2014 app is now in the Play Store. It's packed with some nifty features:

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