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Android "L" Feature Spotlight: The New Google Keyboard Makes Material Design Optional

Anyone who was hoping for big changes to the Google Keyboard's functionality is going to be disappointed with L. The performance and features are almost identical, but it looks a lot different. Don't freak out yet – the old themes are still there.

Screenshot_2014-06-26-21-20-19 Screenshot_2014-06-26-21-20-43

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[I/O 2014] Google's ATAP Shows Off A Semi-Working Ara Prototype, Plus Prizes And Boards For Aspiring Developers

Project Ara is still going strong, and Google demonstrated it at I/O at the ATAP presentation. Project Ara Technical Lead Paul Eremenko talks up the modular phone platform in the video below (starting at around 23:30), bringing the concept beyond simple phone component upgrades. "What if a phone could see in the dark? What if a phone could test if water is clean?" The collaborative Ara team wants the hardware to be just as flexible as the larger Android ecosystem.

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Android "L" Feature Spotlight: Storage Access Framework Enables Batch Operations With Full Directory Access

Android 4.4 contained a number of interesting and very powerful features for developers, many of which went unused or misunderstood for quite a long time. Since it was introduced in KitKat, The Storage Access Framework (SAF) may be one of the best examples of an API that has been underutilized, despite offering a great method to provide cleaner and more informative interfaces. I even theorized that it may ultimately take the place of file system access.

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[I/O 2014] Project Tango Tablet Hitting The Retail Scene Next Year, Looks Like LG Is The Initial Launch Partner

Google's ATAP team is doing cool stuff with Project Tango – like sending it into space to help astronauts do stuff. Of course, those of us on earth also want to get our hands on this upcoming tech to see what it's all about, as well (though probably not for the $1k asking price of the dev unit). According to ATAP team member Regina Dugan in a talk today at I/O 2014, there should be a retail version made by LG hitting the streets next year.

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[I/O 2014] Google I/O Day 1 Roundup: Android Wear, Android L, Android TV, And More

Google I/O is only two days this year, but Google definitely crammed plenty of news into the first day. Today's keynote contained all the latest and greatest from Android on your phone, wrist, dashboard, and TV. Seriously, it was Android everywhere. Let's take a quick look at the high points of the day.


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LG G Watch And Samsung Gear Live Pre-Orders Are Live In The Play Store

The first two Android Wear devices have just gone live in the Play Store. You can get your pre-order in today and Google will ship them your way as soon as they're in stock. The G Watch is selling for $229 and the Gear Live will be a little cheaper at $199.

2014-06-25 18_07_50-LG G Watch (Black Titan) - Devices on Google Play

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Google Play Services 5.0 Is Rolling Out With New Security Tools, Android Wear Support, And More [APK Download]

Google Play Services is that app on your phone that doesn't look like it does anything, but actually does a lot of things. This is how Google rolls out new services and features to the core of Android sans OS updates. Today we've got the details on Play Services v5.0. This covers some of the features Google announced in the I/O keynote and a few smaller ones as well.


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[I/O 2014] Google Play Games Sees Improvements With Game Profiles, Quests, And Saved Games

Google announced Play Games at last year's I/O conference (hard to believe it's already been a year), and this year the company stepped it up a notch. They're integrating new features into the app, which includes a new Game Profile feature that exists and a sort of unified leaderboard with achievements and the like. Naturally, this lets users compare how they play with their friends. Nothing like a little competition, right?

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[New App] Google Slides App Joins Docs And Sheets In The Play Store

Google I/O is barely under way and already Google is dropping news that would be considered huge on any other day. The latest – the third piece of the Google Drive app troika has been announced. Presentation app Slides is now live in the Play Store.

1 2 3 4

Just like the previously released Docs and Sheets apps, this one plugs into Google Drive to give you full editing and document creation capability using Google's presentation tool.

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[I/O 2014] Numerous Enterprise-Related Security Enhancements Are Slated For The L Release, Including Samsung KNOX Integration

We've heard that Google intended to really make a push for greater corporate adoption with the L release, and the company touched on some of its plans in today's keynote. It confirmed that Android will empower companies to separate personal data from work data using containers without outside companies having to apply additional code to their devices. Interestingly, this comes thanks in part to Samsung, which has contributed some of its KNOX code to the next version of Android.

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