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Wear OS Developer Preview 2 delivers enhanced battery saver mode

So much of our attention right now is focused on what's new with the Android P Beta, but it's not the only platform update Google's introducing this week at I/O. Back in March, Google started the next chapter of its wearable story with the re-branding of Android Wear as Wear OS, followed a couple weeks later by the release of the first Wear OS Developer Preview. Now we're taking a look at what's been tweaked since then, as Google makes available Wear OS DP2.

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Google Maps teases impressive augmented reality navigation interface ... again

Having information is one thing, but coming up with a really intuitive way to deliver that info is another challenge entirely. Google Maps already knows its way around our world better than many of its inhabitants, and while it can easily churn out a set of directions from here to there, plotting a route on an overhead map can feel six kinds of old-fashioned. Today at I/O Google gave us one heck of a compelling look at the future of phone-based pedestrian navigation, showing off the augmented reality-powered Visual Positioning System.

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Slices in Android to offer interactive quick dips into apps

Today's Android P beta may give users a new way to switch between apps, but sometimes you really don't need to jump all the way in and have access to an app's full functionality, when the use of a much more targeted subset of those features would suffice. Google's been working to overhaul the way Android lets apps work like this, sharing elements of their interfaces within other apps. Now we're learning more about how this mode will operate, as Google fills us in on app Slices.

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How to watch the Google I/O 2018 Keynote

The main keynote at Google I/O is just under two hours away. It's where the company will lay out its software strategies for the next year (including Android P), and possibly tease some upcoming consumer products. You'll definitely want to tune in if you're able.

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