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Google I/O 2016: Soli, Jacquard, Ara, And Our Closing Thoughts (Video)

Google I/O 2016 came to a close on Friday, and it marked our sixth year in attendance to Google's annual developer bash. A great many topics were covered from divisions all over Google, with lots of announcements big and small, both consumer and developer-facing. Our first I/O recap covered the front half of the show, while Mark takes a look at some of the announcements from Google's ATAP division as well as shares some thoughts on the show and news overall this year.

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Google Is Still Sending Waves Of I/O Invites To Some Lucky Applicants

Google I/O is only a couple of weeks away and by now, if you haven't received an I/O lottery ticket, which started going out in mid March, you have probably given up on attending the conference. But hold your horses. It seems that Google still has a few open slots, probably after giving others who signed up the chance to buy a ticket and not hearing back from them. Their "no" could be your "yes."

Several users have reported to us getting an email from Google, giving them the chance to buy an I/O ticket between today and Monday May 9.

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The Google I/O 2016 Schedule Is Up

Google has just published the official schedule for I/O 2016 - you can see it right here. This year's I/O is at Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, near Google's own headquarters. Day one kicks off with a 10AM keynote that will go a full two hours (!), but there are lots of other interesting sessions, here are a few.

  • 6 Degree of Freedom Gaming in Android with Project Tango
  • What's new in Android (our favorite)
  • Introducing Project Tango Area Learning
  • Android battery and memory optimizations (new battery optimizations in N, supposedly)
  • Android Auto for everyone
  • What's New with Project Tango
  • VR & Cinema
  • Google's Vision for VR
  • Android high-performance audio

Seven sessions feature "VR" as one of the tags, so I would not be surprised if more VR-related sessions (and hopefully, news) are added as we get close to the conference.

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