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Samsung sends out press invite for Galaxy S9 unveil at MWC, boasts about 'reimagined' camera

As it does with every major flagship and smartwatch release, Samsung has just sent out a press invite for the Galaxy S9's unveiling. You'll note that the invitation doesn't explicitly mention the S9, but given the gigantic purple "9," it's safe to say we know what Samsung will be taking the wraps off of.

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Nest sends out invitations to "big announcement" on September 20

Nest Labs, the home automation company behind the well-known smart thermostat, smoke detector, and other smart products, has just sent out press invitations to a "big announcement" on September 20 in San Francisco. This comes after just having announced the Thermostat E earlier today, which boasts a lower price tag and cleaner design.

It isn't clear what Nest plans to reveal at its press conference — the invitation mentions popcorn and a couch, so maybe some sort of a TV remote or perhaps even a smart microwave? On the other hand, there's really no reason to assume that the invitation is even supposed to allude to anything, so your guess is as good as mine.

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HTC wants 'U' to know about its January 12th announcement

HTC has something new coming. It's probably a phone, or at least something phone-adjacent, though the company has made a few interesting tangents in the last few years. Whatever it turns out to be, it will be shown off on January 12th. Exactly where and when hasn't been disclosed - HTC sent us the image above and a brief snippet of text, with no city or venue to go along with it. Presumably we'll be getting that information sometime in the next three weeks.

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OnePlus Feels The Holiday Spirit And Makes The OnePlus 2 Available Without An Invite Starting On December 5th

OnePlus has been visited by the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future, and they've been convinced to mend their frustrating ways. Either that, or the sales of the OnePlus 2 (which has been widely criticized for its hardware shortcomings) have been less than stellar, and the company no longer needs its rationing system in order to fill demand for the device. Starting on Saturday, the OnePlus 2 will be available for purchase without jumping through the hoops of the invitation system. It's a friggin' holiday miracle. The cheaper OnePlus X isn't getting the same treatment, but you will be able to buy one without an invite from December 5-7.

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Who's Down, A New Invite-Only Google App, Lets Your Friends Know When You're Available

There have been fewer and fewer new Google apps as the company expands into every conceivable web and mobile market, but they still manage to surprise us every now and then. The latest Google app is called Who's Down, and it's a strangely specific social tool. Basically it's an all-purpose "available" button. Slide the toggle from on to off, and anyone you've connected with can tell that you're available for... whatever. You can select specific activities you'd like to take part in, see which friends are also "down," and chat with them in an integrated message service.

image (14) image (15)

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The VR Cardboard App For The OnePlus 2 Launch Is Now Available, Invitation Details Posted As Well

We pretty much know what the OnePlus 2 will look like thanks to a regulator leak earlier this week. And we know all of the important technical details thanks to piece-by-piece updates from the company itself. But if you still feel the need to tune in to the announcement on Monday, July 27th, OnePlus would really like you to do so via newfangled virtual reality. They've just posted the official Google Cardboard app for the livestreaming announcement.

You can't do anything with it yet. It isn't time. But you've got between now and Monday to get a Cardboard set from a company promotion, or a late night talkshow host, or a pornography company.

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OnePlus Finally Begins Open Sales Of The One, No Invite Necessary; Co-Founder Teases 'OK OnePlus' Voice Activation Feature

A little less than one year ago, I called the OnePlus One "the best flagship phone you can't buy" in my initial review. The phone had some impressive hardware at an amazing price, and in many ways it still does, but the system of invitations and qualifications built around actually buying the One made obtaining the device an exercise in frustration. It's taken them eleven months (and what seems like dozens of separate promotions and half-measures), but you can finally order a OnePlus One without an invitation of any kind starting today.


The announcement was made on the OnePlus website, forum, and Facebook page.

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Google Slashes Project Tango Price In Half For Some Invitees (Down To $512), Broader Sales May Be Coming Soon

Want to buy Google's developer kit for Project Tango, the tablet that can perform real-time 3D spatial mapping? Well you can't - not without an invitation, anyway. But for at least some of the applicants who have been invited to buy the Android-powered Tango tablet, the gigantic price tag is now a little more manageable. An Android Police reader passed along an email from Google offering Project Tango for $512, half its original price.


A few Twitter users are reporting the same thing, with varying degrees of enthusiasm.

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Hangouts For Android Gets Easy Video Chat Invitation Links

Hangouts video chats are pretty good in terms of handling multiple up and down streams, but the invitation and verification system leaves a lot to be desired - there's something of a traffic jam when we start the Android Police podcast video, for example. Today Google is making that a little easier by allowing mobile users to join a Hangouts video session with a simple invitation link, instead of needing an explicit, personal invitation via the Hangouts/Google+ system.

Screenshot_2015-03-07-13-57-53 Screenshot_2015-03-07-13-59-29

This has been possible on a standard desktop or Chrome OS device for a few months, but now it's enabled for Android connections as well.

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NVIDIA Sends Press Invitations To March 3rd Event, Teasing A Gaming Product '5 Years In The Making'

If you're wondering what NVIDIA has been working on for the last few months, you'll only have to wait a few more weeks to find out. The gaming and graphics company has sent invitations to technology press, including Android Police, for a presentation on March 3rd in San Francisco. According to the email, NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang will be demonstrating something "5 years in the making" that will "redefine the future of gaming."


Android fans are obviously looking for something centered around the new Tegra X1 chipset, which NVIDIA demonstrated last month at the Consumer Electronics Show. That particular event did not include any new consumer-grade hardware, instead focusing on the X1's impressive specifications and applications for embedded electronics in the auto segment.

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