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SoftBank's ambitious investment strategy continues with $4 billion stake in Nvidia

Masayoshi Son, the founder of SoftBank, has made no secret of his plans to become "the biggest investor in technology over the next decade". Last year the Japanese corporation acquired ARM Holdings, and it already had a controlling stake in the US carrier Sprint. Son has even set up a special Billion Vision Fund, which aims to raise $100 billion for the purpose of making strategic technology investments. It's now come to light that SoftBank has used some of the capital to amass a roughly $4 billion stake in the chipmaker Nvidia.

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Kindle For Android v3.3 Now Supports PDF Documents And ICS Devices

Amazon's recent update to its Kindle for Android app brings an important change by allowing native support for reading PDF documents.

Unfortunately, PDF support, as it currently stands, is fairly barebones. Aside from being able to view PDF documents, zoom, and turn pages, the app does not have any other features. Indeed, unlike ordinary ebooks, the PDF portion of the app does not support bookmarks, highlights or the ability to make notes.

The 3.3 update ties in nicely with yesterday's announcement from PDF software maker Foxit that Amazon had made an investment in the company. Although Kindle devices natively supported PDF documents since 2009, reading them has always been a little cumbersome.

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Investment Firm Vanguard Releases Two Android Apps - One For Clients, One For Advisors

If you have investments or a retirement plan with Vanguard, then you'll be pleased to know that it released an Android app to the Market. The app allows you to access up-to-date info about your account, research investments, perform many types of transactions, and get the latest news from Vanguard and Reuters. If you find a story that you think may be of interest to friends and family, you can easily share it through email or social media.

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If you're a Vanguard advisor, you weren't left out in the cold, either: there was also an app released specifically for you.

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