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Mint v4.1 Update Brings Bill Reminders, Navigation Tweaks, And No More Floating Action Button

In an update that we can call minor by Mint's standards, the app's interface and navigation have been refined in addition to receiving a new bill reminder option. This feature is actually quite helpful, since it can be hard to keep a multitude of due dates straight in your head.

Screenshot_2015-03-07-11-33-01 Screenshot_2015-03-07-11-33-25

Of course, this won't help reduce any confusion between Mint and the recently-rebranded Mint Bills service. To be clear, you will not be paying your bills on Mint; you will just be reminded about them.

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Intuit Releases A New TurboTax App With Modern Looks To Help You Manage This Year's Taxes

Intuit has released a new version of TurboTax into the Play Store that shouldn't look jarring on your Lollipop-powered device. Despite focusing on something as dense and complicated as taxes, the app is rich with color and comes with plenty of whitespace. This is about as friendly as taxes can look.

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[New App] Intuit TaxLink Makes Communication And Document Transfer With Your Accountant A Snap

Tax season is upon us, but don't get too down about it just yet. The new Intuit TaxLink app might make it slightly less awful. This is an app that makes communication and document transfer with your accountant faster and easier. Of course, you need to have an accountant first.

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In order to use this app, your accountant must be an Intuit Online user, and will invite you to use the service.

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[New App] Intuit Releases Quicken 2014 Companion Android App, But There's A Decent Chance It Isn't Good

It's hard to love Intuit. Their most well-known product, Quicken, is what people use to manage their finances, and budgeting is about as exciting as watching your weight. That said, they've found immense success on Windows because their software was usable and, eventually, became a standard that users could expect banks and other financial services to be compatible with. Unfortunately, their Android app has not garnered the same reputation. Last year's release was plagued by a number of issues, and judging from the screenshots provided, it doesn't look like all that much has changed.

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Intuit Releases Turbo Tax 2011 For Android Tablets, Makes Filing Taxes Suck A Little Bit Less

Have you filed your taxes yet? Don't tell us that you're actually avoiding it - filing taxes is fun an easy! Okay, that's completely not true, but if you're looking for another use for your Android-powered tablet and want to get your taxes done quickly and efficiently while maximizing your refund (who doesn't want that?), then you need to check out Intuit's new Turbo Tax 2011 app.

Turbo Tax 2011 makes it easy to "tap, drag, and flick your way to your tax refund," all from your Android tablet.

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