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Adobe Flash will finally die on December 31, 2020

There was a time when Flash made the web a more vibrant and fun place by providing easy access to games and video content. There was even a brief time when everyone wanted Flash support on Android. However, Flash was always a security nightmare and a drain on system resources, and newer web technologies have surpassed the capabilities of Flash. Adobe decided to wind down Flash support in 2017, and now we know when this once-storied web plugin will die for good: December 31, 2020.

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Ethernet tethering arrives in latest Android 11 Developer Preview

While most people think of tethering as creating a Wi-Fi network from your phone's cellular data connection, Android also supports sharing its internet connection over USB or Bluetooth. Those options can be helpful in edge situations (e.g. using your phone as a Wi-Fi adapter for a PC without wireless support), and now there's another choice with Android 11: Ethernet tethering.

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Microsoft Edge for Android now supports Android 10's dark mode settings


With its Edge browser, Microsoft wanted to start with a clean slate and make people forget about Internet Explorer. In its race to popularity, the company has understood one of the most requested features is dark mode, which is why it just updated its mobile browser to automatically adapt to your system's theme.

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Netflix's new mobile-only streaming plan for India is just $3

As Netflix continues funneling its resources to content production and acquisition, it has demanded more money year after year from consumers — some of whom are now beginning to question exactly how much of it they're using on digital subscriptions. After all, quality viewing is available from more places in more formats than ever before and some of those platforms are free. Well, the streaming titan has decided to take a step to defending its budget flank from the competition by debuting a new plan for mobile-only users in India that costs the equivalent of less than $3 a month.

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Smartphone-only internet use in US has doubled in six years

Broadband internet can be downright dismal in many households in the United States — pricey speed tiers and usage quotas tend to cripple the experience. On the other hand, cellular carriers are pouring in money towards speedy 5G and smartphone use is on the rise for a variety of other reasons. All of this to say that it's no surprise the Pew Research Center has come out with its latest Mobile Technology and Home Broadband survey findings which point a doubling over 6 years in the number of U.S. adults using the internet solely on smartphones.

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Europe's strict new digital copyright laws may make for a changed internet worldwide

In the ongoing saga that is copyright law in the age of the internet, the European Parliament has just approved stern and controversial new copyright legislation sure to have wide-reaching influence on government bodies worldwide. The two key items of contention? Charges for displaying snippets of content dubbed a "link tax" by critics, and a rule that puts the legal onus on website operators for copyright infringement. The latter change will all but force major platforms like YouTube to create automated copyright filters, sparking censorship concerns from both big business and consumer rights advocates.

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Opera Touch is a brand new mobile browser built around convenience

Opera, a solid browsing option for those who don't want to use Chrome or Firefox, just announced the all-new Touch browser. Built from the ground up, Touch focuses on providing the best mobile browsing experience by giving users ease-of-use features, protection, and speed. It launches today, along with a new rework of the desktop companion browser.

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Samsung built a smartphone that doesn't connect to the internet

Most of a smartphone's "smarts" come from its data connection. Without access to the internet—and, therefore, access to things like third-party apps—a smartphone is really just a dumbphone with a touchscreen. By all appearances, that's exactly what Samsung's built with its new Galaxy J2 Pro: a smartphone that supports calls and texts, but with no data connectivity. 

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Samsung Internet Beta v7.2 watches for dangerous sites, delivers performance and interface tweaks [APK Download]

With the Galaxy S9 getting ready to populate carrier shelves, a new generation of users are about to be exposed to Samsung's suite of Android apps. Fear and loathing may be our go-to emotions when encountering most pre-installed bloat, but Samsung's collection of software is actually not that objectionable, as we noted when reviewing the Galaxy S9. Maybe the crown jewel there is the Samsung Internet browser, and today we're learning about the newest safety and performance features to hit the development branch of this app, with the release of Samsung Internet 7.2 Beta.

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Samsung Internet Browser reaches 500 million installs on the Play Store

When you consider that Samsung Internet Browser comes pre-installed on all of the Korean company's smartphones, this milestone might not seem so impressive. However, the web browser was recently opened up to all Android devices, regardless of the manufacturer, and it's clearly been popular enough with other users to take it over the 500 million installs mark on the Play Store.

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