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Poweramp beta gets HTTP radio streaming

Poweramp established a loyal fan base over the years by offering an original design and an abundance of customization options. These fans can soon greet another feature setting the app apart from other music players. Poweramp is adding internet radio streaming to its product and calls it Powerstream.

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Google Home v2.13 readies Nest account migration and support for Internet Radio [APK Teardown]

The Google Home got an update today with no immediately discernible changes to the UI. But as usual, there are some other interesting changes that speak to what we'll see happening in the future. Google is preparing the interface for users to migrate their Nest accounts to Google for improved security, there will be support for Internet radio, and it looks like a lightweight bottom navigation bar is in development.

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Radio by Deezer offers 30,000-plus free radio stations, but only in the UK

Streaming music provider Deezer is offering United Kingdom-based listeners a new app. Radio by Deezer provides access to more than 30,000 radio stations from around the world, completely free. There are no additional ads (ads the stations are already running are still present), and you don't even need a Deezer account to listen, although having one will help you make the most of the app.

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SiriusXM quietly arrives on Android TV

SiriusXM is a satellite/internet radio company, which has offered an Android smartphone app since 2010. The company has also embraced Android's other form factors - a Google TV app is still live on the Play Store. An Android TV version is now widely available, with seemingly no announcement from the company.

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Slacker Radio for Android has added a sleep timer, 4 years in the making [APK Download]

It's been a long time since we've written about Slacker Radio. More than a year, in fact. Maybe time goes slower at Slacker than it does in other parts of the universe. It would seem so, as almost 4 years after stating the intention to add a sleep timer to the Android app, it's finally happened.

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Pandora unveils a brand new, slightly psychedelic brand identity

Pandora, the internet radio app, has gone through a few changes this past year. First, there was a full redesign of the Android app that brought it into the modern age, then there was the Pandora Plus monthly subscription with unlimited skips and repeats and offline listening.

Now the service is ready for another leap. The old dark blue serif P icon is gone, to be replaced by a new vibrant and filled blue P with a more modern typeface. There's a new full "pandora" logo to boot, and a lot of talk about "dynamic range of sound and color, visualizing the energy and emotion that artists pour into the creation of music."

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Slacker Radio Revamps Its Interface And Showcases Original Audio Content

Slacker Radio's developers are no slackers when it comes to reinventing the app and redesigning it. Over the last three years, they've gone through one and then two major redesigns, and now they're ready for the third along with a major update to their audio catalogue.

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Pandora Introduces Thumbprint Radio, A Station Based On Every Song You've Given A Thumbs Up

You start with a song. Ten seconds in, you decide that this one isn't your style. You give it a thumbs down, and the track goes away. Another song begins. You love it, and give it a thumbs up. You don't particularly like or dislike the next one, but you give a few of the songs after more approval. Then you create another station, and you start the process again.

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New Streaming Audio App PlayTime Offers Free, Unlimited Access To Over 50,000 Internet Radio Stations [Sponsored Post]

Today, there's no shortage of ways to stream music from your smartphone or tablet. Apps like Pandora and Google Play Music make easy work of offering access to a plethora of tunes, but if you want the best experience either has to offer, you have to hand over a monthly fee. PlayTime Internet Radio from Handy Apps is a new app that brings access to over 50,000 internet radio stations to your mobile, completely free of charge.

The app is broken down into several primary categories, including music, news, sports, and talk radio. From there, each category offers several different options, all of which are readily available online for free.

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New TuneIn Premium Service Offers Unlimited Audiobooks, Over 600 Commercial-Free Music Stations, Live Coverage Of All MLB Games, And More For $8 A Month

You've probably heard of TuneIn. It's that app that some kids these days think of as the radio (not to be confused with the static that old people are still able to get their cars to produce). TuneIn lets you stream stations from all over the world, regardless of how far outside of their coverage area you may be.

Now the company is rolling out TuneIn Premium for $7.99 a month. For your money, you get access to over 40,000 audiobooks. You know, because paying for novels individually has apparently become old-school.

TuneIn Premium also comes with over 600 commercial-free music stations.

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