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Google Now's contextual icon searches rolling out to more users

We've spotted some new icon-based interface changes in Google Now over the last few months, first with a few circles, then with more contextual multicolored icons. The latest shift seems to be all in on the latter: multiple Android Police users have told us that they've seen the new icon-focused UI in their copy of the app, complete with more icons than ever before. As an intentional way to direct users to Google's various utility searches, it seems to be fairly functional.

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The Google app's dual-tab 'Upcoming' UI is now official, rolling out to all Android users

For months a small subset of Android users have been seeing a new dual-tabbed interface in the official Google search app's UI. The second tab, initially labelled "Dashboard" and then changed to an icon-only "Upcoming," is now official. Google announced the big change on its Keyword search blog, revealing that the feature should roll out to all Android users starting now, with the iOS version of the Search app following suit later.

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Google's Fiber TV interface gets an Android TV-style overhaul

Google sells fiber Internet access and television service through the Google Fiber brand. Yeah, you might have forgotten that, since the rollout process is about as fast as continental drift, and even if you live in the US odds are overwhelming that you don't have access to it. Google also makes set-top box software called Android TV... which you might also have forgotten, since it's still pretty limited in terms of actual users. Fiber started in 2012, with Android TV starting in 2014, so they've never been running the same software, but they're getting a little closer now.

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Adobe Photoshop Express 3 brings a modern interface with tablet-optimized look, Creative Cloud library, more

The last time Adobe's Photoshop Express app got an interface revamp was in 2014. What was then considered to be a modern look has gotten a little long in the tooth and looks quite outdated by today's standards. So the app has just received another interface overhaul.

The new Photoshop Express 3 doesn't have a Material look per se, but it does seem more at home on Marshmallow and Nougat than the previous version. It's cleaner with updated iconography and less Holo menus. It's also more optimized for tablets, as seen in the image above. For comparison's sake, you can check what the app looked like just a few days ago on the Play Store.

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Google Now's reminder system gets a speedy interface makeover

One of the handier voice commands that users can give to Google Now is "remind me to [whatever]," which will automatically start a function that adds a reminder and alarm to the cards. Follow that up with a specific time or day, and it will make the necessary adjustments to your command. Now it's even faster: the dialogue used to create a short countdown in the form of a blue line. But if you try the same command today, it will create a card instantly.

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Slacker Radio Revamps Its Interface And Showcases Original Audio Content

Slacker Radio's developers are no slackers when it comes to reinventing the app and redesigning it. Over the last three years, they've gone through one and then two major redesigns, and now they're ready for the third along with a major update to their audio catalogue.

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WhatsApp 2.12.506 Revamps And Reorganizes The Settings Screen

WhatsApp has frequently been in the news on Android Police lately because it seems that the team is on a roll of updates, both big and small. After adding document support (PDF only) and introducing a bunch of UI modifications, it's now tackling the Settings screen which has never seen any real drastic changes in recent times. It switched to Material Design when the whole app interface did and it got a few additions here and there as the app has gotten more features, but the Settings have always been divided and organized in the same way for years. And that's no more.

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Google Play's New Rating UI Is Now Showing Up On The Web

Earlier this month, Google began testing a new look for the review interface inside the Google Play app. The designers took away a dialog box and embedded it directly in the page. In the process, they removed the space to insert a title.

Now we're seeing this new look make its way to the web version of the Play Store as well.

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Pandora Gets A Spiffy New Interface, Looks Like An App You'll Actually Want To Use Now

Before Google Play Music, YouTube Music, Spotify, Rdio, or any of those other music services, there was Pandora. I've pretty much been using it since the beginning (albeit off and on), and no matter how many other music streaming/discovery services show up, I always keep coming back to it for all my radio needs. I use it as a supplement to Play Music — when I don't know what to listen to, Pandora is always there to hook me up. My thumbs-up library is so vast at this point, it's really difficult to even think about letting go.

The thing is, it's always been kind of…not attractive.

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AccuWeather's Android App Updated To Version 4.0 With A Material Design Interface

AccuWeather is one of the most popular dedicated weather apps in the world - on the Play Store it's racked up somewhere between 50 and 100 million downloads, and that's just for the free version. The latest update actually started sometime around Christmas, and it's been going out in Google-style stages, so it's taken us this long to spot it. Version 4.0 significantly updates the user interface of the app to bring it more in line with Material Design standards... sort of.

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