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The Facebook app has a new, very blue menu

Along with many other developers, Facebook got rid of colors in its app and moved to an all-white theme. It looks like the company isn't satisfied with that decision anymore, as the menu in the app's rightmost tab has received a facelift (if you want to call it that) that switches out the white background of old for a blue gradient. While at it, Facebook has also rearranged the menu items and now displays them as bubbles in a two-column interface.

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[Update: New layer chooser] Google Maps with extensive Material redesign is rolling out to some

Over the past weeks, Google has been transitioning some of its apps to the new Material design. Maps users have seen signs of it too with a few interface elements changing, but nothing as extensive as the full Maps redesign that we were promised at I/O. Now, tipster Daniel has received a server-side update that flips on the entire interface to Material Theme and we can have our first detailed look at the new UI.

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The Play Store's latest look (with oodles of white space) is spreading to more users, ready or not

Interface design is a never-ending task, and no matter how much you might love the way an app looks and feels right now, there's always that angel (or is it devil?) over the developer's shoulder, whispering, “Couldn't that be a little more optimal? What if you moved this button over here?” And so, things change: sometimes for the better, hopefully not so much for the worse. A little over a month ago, we shared with you a new visual style that Google was flirting with for the Play Store, seemingly sucking the color out of the app and, well, not really replacing it with anything, leaving us stuck with vast expanses of empty white.

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ASKfm Gets An Interface Revamp, Giphy Integration, And Plenty Of User Criticism

Teens and millennials apparently love for quick and easy Q&As. Over 18 billion questions were asked on the service last year, coming from over 150 million people of which between 10 and 50 million use Android. Those are nice numbers and the developers wanted to keep those users happy so they created a new interface and implemented many improvements to the service. 3.0, which for some reason now goes as ASKfm on the Play Store, introduced a fresh redesign of the app with a side drawer, some modern iconography, and lots of reorganized screens. It also dumped the app's blue hues for bright orange ones and got a new icon to celebrate those changes (here's what it looked like before).

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