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Check out this 1986 home intercom turned into a DIY Google Home

I love seeing DIY projects that retrofit new hardware into old electronics. Some examples include converting an Apple II floppy drive into an external USB hard drive, and shoving a Raspberry Pi into the casing of a Commodore 64. Martin Mander shared his latest project on YouTube and Instructables - a 1986 home intercom with Google Assistant.

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[Update: App updated] Amazon's Echo devices now double as in-house intercoms

With Amazon enabling voice calling and messaging on its Echo line-up, the rumor of the Echo also gaining intercom ability that had circulated back in March was bound to come true sooner than later. And it's now here so all of you multi-Echo households can start, erm, echoing each other from room to room.

In the latest Amazon Alexa app (v2.0.1216.2), you can enable the option by turning on Drop In from your household in your Echo's settings and making sure your device has a friendly name so that people in other rooms can easily specify which Echo they want to contact you on.

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[Deal Alert] Nucleus Anywhere Intercom two-pack is $298 ($100 off) with Alexa

The Nucleus Anywhere Intercom is one of many modern takes on the classic intercom. Instead of wiring microphones and speakers through your walls, the Nucleus Anywhere uses your home's Wi-Fi network to connect all the rooms in your house to each other. Now you can get a two-pack for just $298 ($100 off the normal price) if you order it through Alexa.

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